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Max Boyens, known for his appearances on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, has a vibrant Instagram presence that showcases his adventures and interests. As a reality TV star and influencer, Max Boyens offers a unique glimpse into his life beyond the show through his social media platform.

Max Boyens Instagram

On Max Boyens’ Instagram account, fans can follow him to stay updated on his latest updates, including his experiences outside of Vanderpump Rules. Through his Instagram posts, Max shares his love for surfing and enjoys the California lifestyle to the fullest.

For those who want to keep up with Max Boyens and his exciting journey, following him on Instagram is a must. Discover the off-screen adventures and personal moments of Max as he continues to make his mark both in the reality TV world and on social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Boyens, a reality TV star and influencer, has a vibrant Instagram presence.
  • Following Max Boyens on Instagram allows fans to stay updated on his latest adventures and updates.
  • Max’s Instagram account offers a glimpse into his life outside of Vanderpump Rules.
  • Max Boyens shares his passion for surfing and the California lifestyle through his Instagram posts.
  • Follow Max on Instagram to be a part of his exciting journey beyond Vanderpump Rules.

Max Boyens on Vanderpump Rules

Max Boyens became a part of the Vanderpump Rules cast during the show’s eighth season. He joined as the general manager of TomTom, a popular restaurant and bar owned by Lisa Vanderpump. Max’s time on the show was filled with romantic entanglements and dramatic moments, captivating the attention of viewers. However, his journey on Vanderpump Rules took an unexpected turn when racially insensitive tweets from his past resurfaced. As a result, Max was let go from the show, leaving fans and fellow cast members surprised.

Despite his departure, Max’s involvement on Vanderpump Rules left an impact on the narrative and contributed to the overall drama of the series. His portrayal as the general manager of TomTom brought a fresh dynamic to the show, while his personal relationships added additional layers of intrigue. Although Max’s time on Vanderpump Rules was cut short, his story continues to resonate with fans.

Max Boyens’ Career After Vanderpump Rules

Following his departure from Vanderpump Rules, Max Boyens embarked on a thriving career in the hospitality industry. Currently serving as a Guest Experience Manager in the Los Angeles area, Max brings his expertise and passion to provide exceptional service to guests. His commitment to excellence is evident in his role at Mosaic Hospitality Management, where he played a key role in opening a new hotspot.

Prior to his current position, Max gained valuable experience working with the prestigious TAO Group, a renowned hospitality company known for its upscale venues and exceptional service. During his time there, he honed his skills and developed a keen understanding of the industry.

In addition, Max also held the position of Chief Financial Officer at Una Más Cocktails, where he showcased his business acumen and leadership abilities. This role allowed him to contribute to the success of the company and further solidify his expertise in the hospitality sector.

Max Boyens Career

To Max, these interests are more than hobbies; they are integral parts of his identity and play a significant role in shaping his lifestyle. His passion for skateboarding, surfing, and the coastal culture of San Diego shines through in his Instagram posts, making it evident that he embraces the thrill of adventure and individualism.

Max Boyens’ Relationships on Vanderpump Rules

During his time on Vanderpump Rules, Max Boyens found himself entangled in several romantic relationships that captivated viewers. Two fellow cast members, Dayna Kathan and Brett Caprioni, were at the center of these affairs, contributing to the dramatic and intriguing storyline of the show.

The dynamics between Max and Dayna brought a mix of passion and tension to the screen. Their connection was filled with ups and downs, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. As for Max’s relationship with Brett, it added an unexpected twist to the narrative, raising questions and stirring speculation among the Vanderpump Rules community.

While the current status of these relationships remains unclear, fans eagerly follow Max Boyens on Instagram in hopes of uncovering any updates on his love life. Max’s social media presence provides a window into his personal world, giving fans a glimpse of his current relationships and potential developments.

Max Boyens’ Relationships on Vanderpump Rules:

  1. Dayna Kathan
  2. Brett Caprioni

Max Boyens Relationships

Stay tuned to Max Boyens’ Instagram account for the latest insights into his romantic endeavors.

Max Boyens’ Apology for Racist Tweets

Max Boyens found himself at the center of controversy when racist tweets from his past resurfaced, dating back to 2012. These tweets contained racially insensitive language and discriminatory remarks that caused significant backlash and criticism.

In response to the public outcry, Max promptly issued a sincere and public apology for his past actions. He acknowledged the hurt and offense caused by his words and expressed deep regret. Max clarified that these tweets did not reflect his current beliefs or his true character, emphasizing his commitment to personal growth and learning from his mistakes.

“I want to apologize for the insensitive tweets that have resurfaced from my past. I am deeply sorry for the hurt I have caused with my words. Those tweets do not reflect who I am today. I understand the harm they have caused and the importance of taking responsibility. I am committed to becoming a better person and educating myself on matters of racism and inequality. I apologize to the individuals and communities affected by my words and hope for forgiveness and understanding.”

Max’s apology prompted discussions about the impact of past actions on present-day reputations and the significance of accountability in addressing harmful behavior.

This incident led to Max’s departure from Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, as the network took a strong stance against racism and discrimination.

Max Boyens’ Current Endeavors

Despite the challenges he faced, Max Boyens is focused on his current endeavors. While continuing his career in the hospitality industry, where he excels at managing guest experiences, Max also maintains an active presence on Instagram. Although his posts may be less frequent, Max utilizes his account to share positive news and updates about his life, giving fans a glimpse into his exciting journey.

Max Boyens’ dedication to his career is evident through his work in the hospitality industry. As a Guest Experience Manager, he ensures that each guest has a memorable and enjoyable experience. With his exceptional interpersonal skills and attention to detail, Max continues to make a lasting impact in his field.

Alongside his professional achievements, Max Boyens utilizes Instagram as a platform to connect with his fans and followers. Through his posts, he shares enriching experiences and highlights the positive aspects of his life. Max’s Instagram provides a window into his current endeavors, showcasing his growth and evolution beyond his time on Vanderpump Rules.

To stay updated on Max Boyens’ journey and see what exciting opportunities lie ahead, fans can follow him on Instagram. By joining his Instagram community, followers can be part of Max’s continued success and celebrate his achievements as he navigates new paths in his career and personal life.

Max Boyens’ Instagram Aesthetic

Max Boyens, known for his vibrant Instagram presence, has curated a visually stunning aesthetic on his account. His posts reflect his love for the coastal lifestyle, with beach scenery taking center stage. Max’s passion for surfing is evident as he shares breathtaking images of waves and the sun-kissed shores. Additionally, Max occasionally treats his followers to captivating pictures showcasing his lean physique, which inspires others to stay active and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Max Boyens surfing at the beach

Max’s Instagram feed exudes a laid-back, California vibe that resonates with his followers. Each post invites you into his world, where the beach is a constant source of inspiration and a backdrop for unforgettable adventures. By scrolling through Max’s Instagram, you’ll find yourself captivated by the beauty of the ocean, the thrill of riding waves, and the allure of a lean, healthy physique.

Key Elements of Max Boyens’ Instagram Aesthetic
Beach Scenery
Lean Physique

Max’s Instagram aesthetic perfectly encapsulates his passion for the beach, surfing, and maintaining a lean physique. It’s a visual journey that allows his followers to experience the beauty of coastal living and be inspired to chase their own adventures.

Max Boyens’ Impact on Vanderpump Rules

During his time on Vanderpump Rules, Max Boyens made a significant impact on the show. His presence added an element of drama and intrigue to the storyline, capturing the attention of viewers. Max’s romantic entanglements and conflicts with other cast members created memorable moments and helped shape the overall narrative of Vanderpump Rules.

Although Max’s tenure on the show was relatively short-lived, he left a lasting impression on fans. His actions and choices sparked conversations and debates among viewers, further enhancing the show’s appeal. Max’s impact extended beyond his screen time, as his presence and storyline influenced the dynamics among the cast members and contributed to the overall success of Vanderpump Rules.

Max Boyens Impact Vanderpump Rules

Despite his departure from the show, Max Boyens’ impact on Vanderpump Rules remains undeniable. His involvement in the series brought a unique energy and dynamic, leaving an indelible mark on the show’s history.

Max Boyens’ Memorable Moments on Vanderpump Rules:

  1. Conflicts and disputes with fellow cast members.
  2. Romantic relationships and entanglements.
  3. Involvement in dramatic storylines and plot twists.

Max Boyens’ contributions to Vanderpump Rules will be remembered by fans and continue to be a part of the show’s legacy.

Follow Max Boyens on Instagram

To stay connected with Max Boyens and follow his journey, fans can find him on Instagram. By following Max on Instagram, users can access his latest updates, adventures, and posts that showcase his interests and personal life.

Max Boyens regularly shares glimpses into his life on Instagram, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the reality TV star and influencer. From his passion for surfing to enjoying the California lifestyle, Max’s Instagram feed provides a window into his world beyond Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

Join Max Boyens’ growing Instagram community and be a part of his continued journey. Don’t miss out on his captivating content – follow Max Boyens on Instagram today!


Can I follow Max Boyens on Instagram?

Yes, you can follow Max Boyens on Instagram to stay updated on his latest adventures and updates.

What season of Vanderpump Rules was Max Boyens on?

Max Boyens joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules during the show’s eighth season.

What is Max Boyens’ current career?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Max Boyens currently works as a Guest Experience Manager in the Los Angeles area.

Does Max Boyens post frequently on Instagram?

No, Max Boyens doesn’t post frequently on Instagram, but his account provides a glimpse into his life post-Vanderpump Rules.

What are Max Boyens’ personal interests?

Max Boyens is interested in skateboarding, surfing, and has a love for the California coastal lifestyle.

Who did Max Boyens have relationships with on Vanderpump Rules?

Max Boyens had romantic connections with fellow cast members Dayna Kathan and Brett Caprioni.

What controversy did Max Boyens face?

Max Boyens faced controversy when racially insensitive tweets from his past resurfaced.

What is Max Boyens currently focused on?

Max Boyens is currently focused on his career in the hospitality industry and maintaining an active Instagram presence.

What aesthetic does Max Boyens’ Instagram account have?

Max Boyens’ Instagram account features a laid-back, California vibe with posts showcasing beach scenery and his passion for surfing.

How did Max Boyens impact Vanderpump Rules?

Max Boyens added drama and intrigue to Vanderpump Rules with his romantic entanglements and conflicts with other cast members.

Where can I follow Max Boyens on Instagram?

You can follow Max Boyens on Instagram to see his latest updates and adventures.

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