Max Boyens height weight age

Max Boyens Height, Weight, and Age: Bravo Housewives Wiki

Max Boyens, the newest cast member on Vanderpump Rules season 8, has quickly made a name for himself as the general manager of TomTom. Hailing from San Diego, California, Boyens brings a fresh perspective to the restaurant industry. As fans are eager to learn more about this rising star, we explore key details about his height, weight, and age.

Max Boyens height weight age

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Boyens stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.7 meters).
  • He weighs approximately 67 kilograms.
  • Boyens is currently 27 years old.
  • His role as the general manager of TomTom has garnered praise from his superiors.
  • Despite not having a formal college education, Boyens has proven his skills in the restaurant industry.

Boyens’ Background in the Restaurant Industry

Before assuming the role of general manager at TomTom’s, Max Boyens had a diverse background in the restaurant industry, honing his skills and expertise in various roles. His experience and contributions within the industry have significantly contributed to the success of TomTom’s.

Boyens began his career as a Sales Representative at FEAT Socks, where he showcased his sales prowess and developed a keen understanding of customer needs. This experience allowed him to excel in client relations and provided a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

After his stint at FEAT Socks, Boyens took on the position of Operations Manager at TAO Group, a prominent restaurant and nightlife company in the United States. Here, he managed the day-to-day operations of multiple establishments, implementing efficient systems and ensuring the highest standards of customer service. His time at TAO Group sharpened his organizational and managerial skills, preparing him for greater challenges in the industry.

“My time at TAO Group gave me invaluable experience in managing large teams and maintaining exceptional service standards. It taught me the importance of attention to detail and the significance of creating memorable experiences for our guests,” Boyens shared.

With a proven track record and an exceptional work ethic, Boyens’ expertise caught the attention of the renowned TomTom’s establishment. In 2018, he accepted the role of general manager, overseeing the operations and ensuring the overall success of the restaurant. Boyens’ ability to lead and motivate his team has been instrumental in solidifying TomTom’s position as a premier dining destination.

Boyens’ dedication to the restaurant industry and his extensive background have shaped him into a respected professional within the field. His experience at FEAT Socks and TAO Group, coupled with his current role as TomTom’s general manager, demonstrate his commitment to excellence and his passion for providing exceptional dining experiences.

Boyens’ Close-Knit Family

Max Boyens, the talented and captivating TomTom’s general manager, is not only admired for his professional achievements but also for his strong bond with his family. Through his Instagram account, he shares glimpses of his life, emphasizing the love and support he receives from his loved ones.

Boyens is fortunate to have two mothers and two siblings who play significant roles in his life. Although their names have not been publicly disclosed, their presence is undoubtedly influential in shaping Boyens’ character and values.

Family holds a special place in Boyens’ heart, evident in the heartfelt posts he shares on Instagram. These glimpses into his personal life showcase the joy and happiness he experiences when surrounded by his loved ones.

Max Boyens family

Despite his busy schedule and growing popularity, Boyens remains grounded and appreciative of the unwavering support from his family. Their presence undoubtedly contributes to his success and serves as a constant reminder of the importance of nurturing meaningful connections with those who matter most.

Boyens’ Ventures Outside of TomTom’s

In addition to his role as the general manager of TomTom’s, Max Boyens has also dived into other exciting business ventures. One notable project he is involved in is Una Mas Cocktails, where he showcases his expertise as a consultant and mixologist. Leveraging his celebrity status from Vanderpump Rules, Boyens has played a crucial role in elevating the brand’s exposure on a national level.

With his extensive experience in the restaurant industry, Boyens brings his unique insights and creative flair to help craft delicious and innovative cocktails for Una Mas. As a consultant, he collaborates with the team to refine the brand’s identity, develop new flavors, and create unforgettable drinking experiences for customers.

Not only does Boyens contribute his mixology skills to Una Mas, but he also lends his expertise as a consultant. Drawing from his success in managing TomTom’s, he provides valuable insights and guidance to enhance the overall operation and success of Una Mas.

Through his involvement with Una Mas Cocktails, Max Boyens continues to expand his influence beyond the walls of TomTom’s, showcasing his versatility as a mixologist and consultant. His contributions have undoubtedly contributed to the brand’s growth and success in the competitive cocktail industry.

Una Mas Cocktails – Signature Creations

Cocktail Description
Paloma Picante A refreshing blend of tequila, grapefruit soda, lime juice, and a hint of jalapeno for a spicy kick. Perfect for those who enjoy a zesty and vibrant cocktail.
Strawberry Mojito A delightful twist on the classic mojito, featuring muddled strawberries, lime juice, mint leaves, rum, and a satisfying splash of soda water. Pairs perfectly with a sunny day.
Blackberry Bramble An enticing combination of gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, and a touch of simple syrup. Served over crushed ice to create a visually stunning and refreshing cocktail.

These are just a few examples of the mouthwatering cocktails crafted by Max Boyens and the talented team at Una Mas. The brand’s dedication to quality and innovation shines through each sip, leaving customers craving for more.

Max Boyens Una Mas Cocktails

Boyens’ Approach to Workplace Relationships

Max Boyens is known for his professionalism and dedication to separating his personal and professional lives, especially when it comes to workplace relationships. However, the Vanderpump Rules season 8 cast member finds himself entangled in a love triangle with two of his employees, creating an intense and dramatic dynamic within the workplace.

Boyens’ commitment to keeping a boundary between his personal and professional lives is put to the test as the love triangle unfolds on the show. The tensions and conflicts that arise not only impact his relationships with his employees but also disrupt the overall work environment at TomTom’s.

“Navigating workplace relationships can be challenging, especially when emotions and personal connections are involved. This love triangle has certainly added a layer of complexity to the dynamic between Boyens and his employees.” – Vanderpump Rules season 8 insider

As the season progresses, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the consequences of Boyens’ workplace romance unfold. The love triangle becomes a central storyline, captivating audiences and generating discussions about workplace ethics and the impact of personal relationships on professional environments.

Effects of the Love Triangle on the Workplace Repercussions
Increased tension and drama Collisions between personal and professional obligations
Shifts in employee dynamics Jealousy and competition
Distractions from work responsibilities Decreased productivity
Observers taking sides Workplace divisions

This love triangle storyline not only showcases the complexities of workplace relationships but also raises questions about the boundaries individuals should establish in order to maintain a harmonious work environment. Boyens’ journey through this love triangle serves as a cautionary tale for those navigating romance in their professional lives.

Max Boyens workplace relationships

Stay tuned to Vanderpump Rules season 8 to see how Boyens manages the challenges that arise from his workplace relationships and to witness the impact of the love triangle on his personal and professional life.

Boyens and Scheana Shay’s Past Romance

During Vanderpump Rules season 8, viewers will witness the lingering effects of a past romance between Max Boyens and Vanderpump Rules veteran Scheana Shay. Their relationship, which had its ups and downs, may resurface in the workplace and create tensions during the season.

Boyens finds himself caught in a love triangle, not only with Scheana Shay, but also with newcomer Brett Ciprioni. This dynamic introduces jealousy and adds fuel to the already fiery drama on Vanderpump Rules season 8.

In a recent interview, Boyens hinted at the complexities of these relationships, stating, “I never anticipated it getting this intense. It’s definitely a challenge navigating through these emotions in a professional setting.”

“I never anticipated it getting this intense. It’s definitely a challenge navigating through these emotions in a professional setting.”

Stay tuned to Vanderpump Rules season 8 to see how Boyens handles the complexities of his past romance and love triangle with Scheana Shay and Brett Ciprioni.

Max Boyens Vanderpump Rules season 8

Boyens’ height, weight, and age contribute to his overall appearance, adding to his charisma and appeal as a reality TV personality. These factors, combined with his restaurant industry experience and personal relationships, make him an intriguing addition to Vanderpump Rules season 8.

Height Weight Age
5 feet 9 inches (1.7 meters) 67 kilograms 27 years old

Boyens’ Personal Life and Background

Max Boyens, a native of California, has a close-knit family that plays a significant role in his life. He frequently shares photos and moments with them on his social media platforms, showcasing their tight bonds.

“Family is everything to me, and I cherish the moments we spend together. They have always been my biggest supporters and have encouraged me throughout my journey.”

During his childhood, Boyens had a knack for exploring his interests and pursuing his passions. He demonstrated a strong work ethic and determination from a young age.

Although Boyens did not pursue a formal college education, he briefly attended the Allied Real Estate School to expand his knowledge and skills in the real estate industry.

Boyens’ Family Details

Boyens’ family consists of two mothers and two siblings. While their identities have not been publicly disclosed, their involvement and support in Boyens’ life have been pivotal.

Boyens’ Childhood and Education

Boyens had a fulfilling childhood and was driven by curiosity and a desire for personal growth. His upbringing, combined with his determination, helped shape him into the person he is today.

Although he did not pursue traditional higher education, Boyens has gained valuable experiences and knowledge through practical endeavors, such as his work in the restaurant industry and his involvement in various business ventures.

Max Boyens’ personal life and background provide insights into his strong family bonds, childhood experiences, and educational choices. These aspects contribute to his multifaceted personality and shape his unique journey.

Max Boyens family

Key Highlights

  • Boyens and Kennedy met on New Year’s Eve in 2016.
  • They have been in a committed relationship ever since.
  • Their connection encounters challenges showcased on Vanderpump Rules season 8.
Aspect Details
Names Max Boyens, James Kennedy
Meeting New Year’s Eve 2016
Length of Relationship Ongoing since their meeting
Featured Vanderpump Rules season 8

Boyens’ Net Worth and Plastic Surgery

Max Boyens has built an impressive net worth throughout his career as a model and TV personality. With an estimated net worth of around $30 million, Boyens has achieved financial success in the entertainment industry.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Boyens has also undergone plastic surgery to enhance his appearance. Specifically, he has undergone a nose job that cost around $16,000. This surgical procedure has helped Boyens achieve his desired aesthetic and further solidify his personal brand.

Boyens’ decision to undergo plastic surgery is a testament to his commitment to self-improvement and his willingness to invest in his image. By enhancing his features, Boyens has been able to confidently pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry and establish himself as a prominent figure in the public eye.

Max Boyens’ net worth and his transformation through plastic surgery serve as a testament to his dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. With a successful career and a commitment to personal growth, Boyens continues to make a name for himself in the entertainment world.

Max Boyens plastic surgery

Net Worth Plastic Surgery
$30 million Nose job (cost: $16,000)

Boyens’ Involvement in Vanderpump Rules Season 8

Max Boyens is a cast member on Vanderpump Rules season 8, which premiered on January 7, 2020. The show follows Boyens and other staff members at Lisa Vanderpump’s renowned restaurant SUR in West Hollywood, California.

As a cast member, Boyens’ personal and professional life takes center stage, allowing viewers an intimate look into his relationships and conflicts with other cast members. Vanderpump Rules season 8 presents an opportunity for audiences to witness the dynamics and drama that unfold between Boyens and his colleagues in the high-pressure environment of SUR.

Boyens’ presence in Vanderpump Rules season 8 has generated significant interest and intrigue among fans of the show. Viewers eagerly anticipate each episode to see how Boyens navigates the challenges and triumphs that arise throughout the season. His portrayal on the show has played a crucial role in making Vanderpump Rules season 8 a captivating and memorable installment of the popular reality TV series.


Q: What is Max Boyens’ role on Vanderpump Rules season 8?

A: Max Boyens is a new cast member on Vanderpump Rules season 8 and serves as the general manager at TomTom’s.

Q: What is Max Boyens’ background in the restaurant industry?

A: Before becoming the general manager at TomTom’s, Max Boyens worked as a Sales Representative at FEAT Socks and as an Operations Manager at TAO Group.

Q: Does Max Boyens have a close-knit family?

A: Yes, Max Boyens has a close relationship with his family and often posts photos with them on his Instagram account.

Q: What other business ventures is Max Boyens involved in?

A: Max Boyens works as a consultant and mixologist for Una Mas Cocktails.

Q: How does Max Boyens approach workplace relationships?

A: Max Boyens tries to separate his personal and professional lives, but during Vanderpump Rules season 8, he finds himself caught in a love triangle with two of his employees.

Q: Did Max Boyens have a past romance with Scheana Shay?

A: Yes, Max Boyens and Scheana Shay had a past romance, which may create tensions in the workplace during season 8.

Q: What is Max Boyens’ height, weight, and age?

A: Max Boyens stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.7 meters) and weighs approximately 67 kilograms. He is currently 27 years old.

Q: What is Max Boyens’ personal background and education?

A: Max Boyens was born and raised in California and does not have a formal college education.

Q: Who is Max Boyens in a relationship with?

A: Max Boyens is in a relationship with English musician and DJ James Kennedy.

Q: What is Max Boyens’ net worth and has he had plastic surgery?

A: Max Boyens has an estimated net worth of around $30 million. He has also undergone plastic surgery, including a nose job that cost approximately $16,000.

Q: What is Max Boyens’ involvement in Vanderpump Rules season 8?

A: Max Boyens is a cast member on Vanderpump Rules season 8, which showcases his personal and professional life, including relationships and conflicts with other cast members.

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