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Lisa Wu is a multi-talented American television personality, actress, realtor, screenwriter, and designer. She gained fame through her appearances on popular reality series such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Hollywood Divas.” Lisa Wu has had a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talents in various roles. Let’s dive deeper into Lisa Wu’s background, career, personal life, and more.

Lisa Wu height weight age

Key Takeaways:

  • Lisa Wu is an American television personality, actress, realtor, screenwriter, and designer.
  • She rose to prominence through her appearances on reality series like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Hollywood Divas.”
  • Lisa Wu has a diverse career in the entertainment industry, including dancing, writing, producing, and acting.
  • She has been married twice and has three children.
  • Lisa Wu is also an author and has plans to adapt her novel into a screenplay.

Early Life and Background of Lisa Wu

Lisa Wu, a multifaceted American television personality and actress, was born and raised in Inglewood, California. Coming from a diverse background, she is one of nine children in her family. Lisa’s father is a first-generation Chinese-American, while her mother has Afro-Caribbean roots. Growing up in a neighborhood marked by discrimination, Lisa faced challenges that shaped her perspective on life.

These early experiences ignited her passion for the entertainment industry. Determined to overcome adversity, Lisa embarked on a remarkable journey, attaining success in various fields. Her background played a crucial role in driving her career forward, inspiring her to embrace new opportunities and excel in every endeavor.

Early Life and Background of Lisa Wu
Birthplace Inglewood, California
Family Background A father of first-generation Chinese-American descent; A mother with Afro-Caribbean roots;
Experiences Faced discrimination in her neighborhood.

Through persistence and resilience, Lisa Wu has carved out a distinguished career in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on both television and film. Her early life and unique background have contributed to the talent and charisma that have made her a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

Lisa Wu’s Career in the Entertainment Industry

Lisa Wu kick-started her career as a backup dancer for renowned music artists like Public Enemy, EPMD, and Candyman. Her passion for performing led her to join the rap group 9tene. However, Lisa’s talent and versatility didn’t stop there. She made a successful transition into the film industry, where she worked as a screenwriter, producer, and actress.

In the film world, Lisa Wu has made notable appearances in movies such as Black Ball and The Internship. Her remarkable performances showcased her range and garnered critical acclaim.

However, it was her role on Bravo’s popular reality series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that catapulted Lisa Wu into the limelight, earning her widespread recognition and popularity among viewers.

“Working on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was a transformative experience for me. It opened doors and opportunities that I never imagined,” said Lisa Wu.

Throughout her career, Lisa Wu has remained active in the entertainment industry, appearing in various television shows and films. Her talent and dedication have secured her a prominent place in the industry.

Notable Films and Television Shows

Films Television Shows
Black Ball The Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Internship Hollywood Divas
Envy or Greed Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live!
Rift Saints & Sinners

Lisa Wu career

Lisa Wu’s Books and Writing Career

Lisa Wu, known for her multifaceted career in the entertainment industry, has also made strides as an author. She penned the novel “When the Cake is Made”, which was published in 2010. Reflecting her creative prowess, this captivating book showcases Lisa Wu’s talent for storytelling beyond the realm of television.

Following her departure from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Lisa Wu delved further into her writing career, channeling her passion into crafting compelling narratives. Through her novel, she brings readers into a world rich with emotion, weaving a tale that engages the heart and captivates the imagination.

Adapting the Novel into a Screenplay

Building on her success as an author, Lisa Wu has set her sights on adapting “When the Cake is Made” into a screenplay. This expansion of her creative endeavors demonstrates her versatile talent as she explores new avenues in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Wu’s writing career is a testament to her ability to connect with audiences through various mediums. From reality television to the pages of her novel, she continues to inspire and entertain with her unique storytelling.

Book Title Publication Year
“When the Cake is Made” 2010

Lisa Wu books

Lisa Wu’s Future Endeavors

In addition to her continued work in film and television, Lisa Wu has expressed her passion for developing her own projects. As a screenwriter and producer, she plans to bring her creative ideas to life on the screen. One of her goals is to adapt her novel, “When the Cake is Made,” into a screenplay.

Lisa Wu’s future endeavors are driven by her dedication to the entertainment industry. She remains motivated to explore new opportunities, collaborate with talented individuals, and leave her mark on the cinematic landscape.

TV Shows Films
Hollywood Divas (2014-2016) Black Ball (2003)
Saints & Sinners The Internship (2013)
Tales Envy or Greed (2014)

Lisa Wu’s Physical Profile: Height, Weight, and Age

Lisa Wu’s physical profile provides some insights into her background and current age. Although her height and weight are not readily available in the sources, we can determine that Lisa Wu was born in 1973, making her currently 50 years old. While specific details about her weight are unavailable, it’s essential to acknowledge that physical attributes can vary over time and are subject to change.

Despite the lack of specific information, Lisa Wu’s age remains a notable aspect of her life and career. Born on January 23, 1973, Lisa Wu has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Her multifaceted talents extend beyond her physical attributes, showcasing her skills as a television personality, actress, realtor, screenwriter, and designer.


Lisa Wu Physical Profile

Attributes Details
Date of Birth January 23, 1973
Age 50 years old
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Lisa Wu’s Filmography

Lisa Wu has had a diverse and impressive filmography, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress. Throughout her career, she has appeared in various films, leaving her mark on the industry. Some notable films in which Lisa Wu has starred include:

  • “Black Ball” (2003)
  • “The Internship” (2013)
  • “Envy or Greed” (2014)
  • “Rift” (2022)

In addition to these films, Lisa Wu has also made guest appearances on popular television shows, further expanding her presence in the entertainment industry. These include:

  • “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”
  • “Hollywood Divas”
  • “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live!”

Each role she has taken on showcases Lisa Wu’s talent and dedication to her craft. With every project, she continues to captivate audiences and solidify her place in the world of film and television.

Lisa Wu Filmography

From game shows to sitcoms and dramas, Lisa Wu’s television appearances have further established her presence in the industry and showcased her dynamic on-screen presence. Whether in comedic or dramatic roles, she has consistently delivered memorable performances that resonate with audiences.

Stay tuned for Lisa Wu’s future television projects, as she continues to explore new opportunities and make her mark in the world of television entertainment.

Lisa Wu’s Online Presence and Social Media

Lisa Wu understands the importance of staying connected with her fans and sharing her latest updates. She maintains an active online presence through various social media platforms, with a focus on Instagram. By following her Instagram handle, @1lisawu, fans can get an exclusive glimpse into her projects, personal life, and more.

On her Instagram account, Lisa Wu regularly shares behind-the-scenes moments, sneak peeks of upcoming projects, and photos from her day-to-day life. This allows her fans to feel connected and engaged, as they can keep up with her latest endeavors and announcements in real-time.

Through her active participation on social media, Lisa Wu has created a community where fans can interact and show their support. Her online presence serves as a platform for fans to express their admiration, share their thoughts, and connect with each other.

If you’re a fan of Lisa Wu and want to stay updated on her journey, make sure to follow her @1lisawu on Instagram. Join the community of fans and experience the excitement of being a part of Lisa Wu’s online world.


Q: How old is Lisa Wu?

A: Lisa Wu was born on January 23, 1973, making her currently 50 years old.

Q: What is Lisa Wu’s height?

A: Lisa Wu’s height is not readily available in the sources.

Q: What is Lisa Wu’s weight?

A: Specific information about Lisa Wu’s weight is not provided in the sources.

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