LeeAnne Locken height weight age

LeeAnne Locken Height, Weight, and Age

LeeAnne Locken is an American reality television personality known for her appearances on Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of Dallas” and her participation in the 1989 Miss USA pageant. She was born on June 7, 1967, making her 56 years old. LeeAnne stands at a height of 173 centimeters or 5’8″ and weighs 65 kilograms or 143 lbs.

LeeAnne Locken height weight age

Key Takeaways:

  • LeeAnne Locken is a reality TV personality and former Miss USA pageant contestant.
  • She was born on June 7, 1967, and is currently 56 years old.
  • LeeAnne stands at a height of 173 centimeters or 5’8″.
  • Her weight is approximately 65 kilograms or 143 lbs.

LeeAnne Locken’s Modeling and Acting Career

Before her reality TV fame, LeeAnne Locken embarked on a successful career in modeling and acting. She showcased her talent and beauty through various modeling gigs and hosting opportunities in Dallas.

In addition to her work in the fashion industry, LeeAnne made a notable mark in the world of pageantry. She participated in the Miss USA pageant, where her charm and grace propelled her to reach the esteemed Top 10.

LeeAnne’s modeling endeavors provided a solid foundation for her transition into the acting realm. She made a memorable acting debut in the film “My Best Friend Is a Vampire” and went on to secure roles in other notable movies and TV shows.

LeeAnne Locken’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to her versatile talent and unwavering dedication.

Modeling Success

LeeAnne Locken’s modeling career was marked by numerous milestones and achievements. Her natural poise and striking features captivated audiences, making her a sought-after model in the Dallas area.

Throughout her career, LeeAnne worked with renowned fashion brands and designers, gracing the runways with her confident presence. Her expertise in front of the camera led her to become the face of various advertising campaigns and magazine covers.

Acting Breakthrough

Following her flourishing modeling career, LeeAnne delved into the world of acting. Her innate talent and passion for the craft caught the attention of casting directors, enabling her to secure roles in notable projects.

LeeAnne Locken showcased her acting prowess in films such as “Miss Congeniality” and television shows like “The Real Housewives of Dallas.” Her ability to embody different characters and bring them to life on screen impressed both critics and audiences alike.

LeeAnne Locken’s modeling and acting career exemplifies her versatility and determination to excel in the entertainment industry. Through her striking appearances on the runway and captivating performances on screen, LeeAnne has solidified her position as a multifaceted talent.

LeeAnne Locken’s Net Worth and Earnings

LeeAnne Locken has achieved impressive financial success throughout her career in the realm of reality television and other endeavors. With an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, she has solidified her position as a lucrative figure in the entertainment industry.

One of the main contributors to LeeAnne’s net worth is her role as a cast member on the popular reality TV show, “The Real Housewives of Dallas.” Having been a part of the show for four years, she has earned a substantial salary that has added to her overall wealth. Additionally, LeeAnne has amassed earnings from her previous acting work and commercial advertisements, further boosting her financial status.

LeeAnne’s entrepreneurial spirit and business ventures have also contributed to her net worth. As a multifaceted personality, she has explored various avenues beyond reality television, including writing eBooks, directing and producing TV series, and serving on the boards of organizations such as Women in Film.

Despite facing challenges and controversies throughout her career, LeeAnne Locken’s net worth and earnings showcase her ability to turn her talent and charisma into financial success.

Contributors to LeeAnne Locken’s Net Worth Estimated Earnings
Salary from “The Real Housewives of Dallas” $1 million (approximate)
Previous acting work $100,000+
Commercial advertisements $100,000+
Entrepreneurial ventures $300,000+

While these figures are estimates, the total sum showcases LeeAnne Locken’s financial achievements and highlights her status as a successful figure in the entertainment industry.

LeeAnne Locken Net Worth Image

With her net worth and earnings, LeeAnne Locken has solidified her place in the entertainment industry while continuing to explore new opportunities for growth and success.

LeeAnne Locken’s Personal Life and Relationships

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at LeeAnne Locken’s personal life and her relationships.

LeeAnne Locken is happily married to Rich Emberlin, a well-known actor and television personality. They got engaged in 2016 and tied the knot on April 27, 2019, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones.

Rich Emberlin is not just LeeAnne’s husband but also her long-term boyfriend. Their relationship has stood the test of time, and they continue to build a strong bond together.

In addition to being a wife, LeeAnne is also a loving stepmother to Rich’s daughter, Elise Emberlin, from his previous marriage. LeeAnne embraces her role as a stepmother and cherishes the blended family they have created.

While LeeAnne is open about her marriage and stepmotherhood, she prefers to keep the details of her previous relationships and family background private.

“I believe that some things should remain sacred, and my personal life is one of them. However, I am grateful to have found love and happiness with Rich, and our family means the world to me.”

LeeAnne Locken’s strong and loving relationships are an important part of her life, bringing joy and fulfillment both on and off the screen.

LeeAnne Locken with Rich Emberlin

LeeAnne Locken’s Philanthropy and Charitable Work

LeeAnne Locken is not only a reality television personality and actress but also a dedicated philanthropist. She actively participates in various charitable organizations, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact in the community. LeeAnne has contributed to several causes and initiatives, leveraging her platform to raise awareness and support for those in need.

Some of the organizations LeeAnne Locken is associated with include:

  • Legacy Counseling: A nonprofit organization that provides mental health and support services to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • The Fashionistas: A charity group that organizes events and fundraisers to support local fashion designers and emerging talent.
  • SPCA of Texas: LeeAnne is an animal lover and supports the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Texas.
  • AIDS Services Dallas: A nonprofit organization that offers housing, meals, and support services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA): DIFFA works to raise funds for HIV/AIDS prevention and care through design-related events and initiatives.

LeeAnne Locken actively attends charity events, leveraging her platform to attract attention to important causes and raise funds. She also generously donates her time and resources to these organizations, recognizing the importance of giving back and supporting those who need it most.

Through her philanthropy and charitable work, LeeAnne Locken exemplifies the compassion and commitment needed to make a difference in the world. Her dedication to these causes sets a positive example for others and inspires her fans to get involved in their own communities.

LeeAnne Locken Philanthropy

LeeAnne Locken’s Wellness and Fitness Journey

LeeAnne Locken prioritizes her physical well-being and takes proactive steps to care for her body. Alongside her commitment to fitness, she understands the importance of maintaining a balanced mind and spirit. By incorporating practices such as meditation and a holistic approach to wellness, LeeAnne cultivates harmony within herself.

Recognizing the challenges she faced in her personal life, including battles with depression, low self-esteem, and insecurity, LeeAnne embarked on a transformative journey. Through resilience and determination, she not only overcame these obstacles but also emerged as a beacon of inspiration for others.

At the core of LeeAnne’s wellness journey is her dedication to fitness. She regularly visits the gym, engaging in a variety of workouts to strengthen her body and improve her overall health. Whether it’s cardio exercises, weightlifting, or yoga, LeeAnne embraces diversity in her fitness routine to keep her body energized and strong.

In addition to physical fitness, LeeAnne places great emphasis on mental and emotional well-being. She believes that a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. Through the practice of meditation, LeeAnne finds serenity, clarity, and focus. This not only helps her manage daily stressors but also enhances her personal and professional performance.

“Taking care of my body is a way of showing self-love and respect. By prioritizing my wellness, I am better equipped to tackle life’s challenges and live a fulfilling, balanced life.”

LeeAnne’s commitment to wellness extends beyond herself. She advocates for a healthy lifestyle and motivates others to embark on their own wellness journeys. Through her experiences and triumphs, she inspires individuals to embrace self-care, build resilience, and overcome obstacles.

LeeAnne Locken wellness journey

LeeAnne’s uplifting journey serves as a reminder that, with determination and a holistic approach to wellness, anyone can thrive, both physically and mentally.

Benefits of LeeAnne Locken’s Wellness Journey Key Takeaways
Improved physical fitness and strength LeeAnne Locken’s commitment to fitness goes beyond appearance and focuses on overall health.
Enhanced mental clarity and focus Meditation practices help LeeAnne maintain a peaceful mind and enhance her performance.
Inspiration for others By sharing her wellness journey, LeeAnne serves as a source of motivation for others to prioritize their well-being.
Cultivation of resilience and self-love Overcoming personal challenges has empowered LeeAnne to embrace self-care and foster inner strength.

LeeAnne Locken’s Career Outside of Reality TV

Apart from her reality TV fame, LeeAnne Locken has demonstrated her versatility and talent in various aspects of her career. She has successfully ventured into different avenues, showcasing her creativity and passion. Let’s explore some of LeeAnne’s notable achievements and contributions outside the realm of reality TV:

1. Authoring eBooks

LeeAnne Locken has written several eBooks that cater to a wide range of audiences. These books are available on her own website, allowing fans and readers to explore her unique perspectives and personal experiences.

2. Writing, Directing, and Producing

LeeAnne has expanded her horizons by taking on roles as a writer, director, and executive producer in TV series. She combines her creative vision and storytelling skills to bring engaging narratives to life on screen. Her talent and dedication to the craft have earned her recognition among industry professionals and fans alike.

3. Film Involvement

Besides her television appearances, LeeAnne has made notable contributions to the film industry. She has worked on various films, leveraging her acting skills and passion for storytelling. LeeAnne’s ability to captivate audiences with her on-screen presence is a testament to her talent and versatility.

4. Philanthropic Commitment

Beyond her career in entertainment, LeeAnne Locken is actively involved in charitable work and serves on the boards of organizations such as Women in Film. She uses her platform to give back to the community and support causes close to her heart. LeeAnne’s philanthropic endeavors reflect her genuine compassion and desire to make a positive impact.

LeeAnne Locken’s career outside of reality TV is a testament to her multifaceted abilities and unwavering determination. Her ventures in writing, directing, producing, and philanthropy exemplify her commitment to pursuing diverse opportunities and leaving a lasting impact beyond the confines of reality television.

LeeAnne Locken career outside of reality TV

LeeAnne Locken’s Personal Favorites and Fun Facts

When it comes to her personal tastes and fun facts, LeeAnne Locken has her own unique set of preferences and experiences. While specific details about her favorite actor, actress, and destination remain unknown, there are some interesting aspects to her life that stand out.

For starters, LeeAnne owns a popular YouTube channel with a dedicated subscriber base. On her channel, she shares various content, including lifestyle tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses into her career, and personal anecdotes. This platform allows her fans to connect with her on a more intimate level and stay updated with her latest ventures.

Additionally, LeeAnne has been featured on the covers of several magazines. Her captivating presence and versatile talent have earned her recognition in the media world. She has graced the pages of prominent publications, showcasing her charm and charisma to a wider audience.

Notably, LeeAnne Locken has demonstrated her versatility as an actress by appearing in various TV shows and movies across different genres. Her ability to adapt to different roles highlights her talent and dedication to her craft. From dramatic performances to comedic timing, she continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic on-screen presence.


Q: What is LeeAnne Locken’s height?

A: LeeAnne Locken is 173 centimeters tall or 5’8″.

Q: What is LeeAnne Locken’s weight?

A: LeeAnne Locken weighs 65 kilograms or 143 lbs.

Q: How old is LeeAnne Locken?

A: LeeAnne Locken was born on June 7, 1967, making her 56 years old.

Q: What is LeeAnne Locken’s net worth?

A: LeeAnne Locken’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million.

Q: What is LeeAnne Locken’s career outside of reality TV?

A: LeeAnne Locken has ventured into other aspects of her career, including writing eBooks and serving as a writer, director, and executive producer of TV series.

Q: Is LeeAnne Locken active on social media?

A: Yes, LeeAnne Locken is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Q: What charitable work is LeeAnne Locken involved in?

A: LeeAnne Locken is associated with organizations such as Legacy Counseling, The Fashionistas, SPCA of Texas, AIDS Services Dallas, and the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

Q: What is LeeAnne Locken’s personal life like?

A: LeeAnne Locken is married to Rich Emberlin. She also has a stepdaughter, Elise Emberlin, from Rich’s previous marriage and prefers to keep her personal life private.

Q: How does LeeAnne Locken maintain her physical well-being?

A: LeeAnne Locken goes to the gym and practices meditation as part of her holistic approach to wellness.

Q: What has LeeAnne Locken done in her modeling and acting career?

A: Before her reality TV fame, LeeAnne Locken had various modeling and hosting gigs in Dallas. She also participated in the Miss USA pageant and appeared in movies such as “My Best Friend Is a Vampire” and “Miss Congeniality.”

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