Lauren Budd Height Weight Age – TikTok Model

Lauren Budd, a popular TikTok model, has captured the hearts of fans with her engaging content. In this article, we will take a closer look at Lauren’s physical stats and delve into her personal information. From her height and weight to her age and biography, let’s uncover the details that make Lauren Budd the TikTok sensation she is today.

lauren budd height weight age

Key Takeaways:

  • Lauren Budd is a popular TikTok model known for her engaging content.
  • She is 22 years old and was born on August 29, 2001, in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Lauren stands at a height of 5’6″ (167 cm) and weighs approximately 123 lbs (56 kg).
  • Her body measurements are 33-24-33, and she has a natural C cup size.
  • Lauren has blonde hair, brown eyes, and a navel piercing.

Lauren Budd’s Early Life and Relationships

Lauren Budd, originally from Fleet in Hampshire, rose to prominence in the public eye during her relationship with comedian David Walliams. The couple made appearances together at various events, capturing the attention of fans and media alike. However, their relationship came to an end in March.

Prior to her involvement with David Walliams, Lauren reportedly enjoyed a date with footballer John Carew. Despite their significant age difference, they shared a commonality in their heights. Lauren, measuring 6ft (183 cm), stood similar in stature to 6ft 4in (193 cm) tall John Carew.

Throughout her early life and relationships, Lauren Budd garnered interest and captured the attention of the public, paving the way for her subsequent ventures.

Lauren Budd’s Rise to TikTok Fame

Lauren Budd, known as “@Blackladder” on TikTok, quickly rose to fame on the platform with her captivating videos. It all began when one of her dance videos went viral, garnering attention from users all over the world. Other TikTok creators started dueting with her content, further amplifying her presence on the platform.

Unlike some TikTok stars who embrace the meme culture, Lauren is known for her ability to create entertaining and relatable content. She consistently captivates her audience with her creative ideas and unique approach to video creation.

With her talent and dedication, Lauren has built a significant following on TikTok. Her engaging videos continue to attract and entertain users from all walks of life. She takes her audience on a journey through her TikTok content, showcasing her passion and creativity in every video she shares.

Through her rise to TikTok fame, Lauren Budd has become an inspiration to aspiring content creators. With her strong presence on the platform, she inspires others to chase their dreams and create meaningful content that resonates with their audience.

Lauren Budd TikTok

Popular TikTok Videos by Lauren Budd:

  1. Heartwarming Duet: In this video, Lauren collaborates with another TikTok creator to create a heartwarming and uplifting duet that spreads positivity.
  2. Comedic Skit: Lauren showcases her comedic talent in this hilarious skit, leaving her audience in stitches.
  3. Trendsetter Dance: Known for her incredible dance skills, Lauren creates a memorable dance routine that quickly becomes a trend on TikTok.
Date Title Views Likes
June 2021 “Dance Challenge” 1.2M 500K
March 2021 “Funny Skit” 2.3M 800K
January 2021 “Trendy Dance” 3.5M 1.2M

“TikTok has provided me with an incredible platform to express myself and connect with people from all over the world. I’m grateful for the love and support from my amazing followers, and I’m excited to continue sharing my journey with them.”

Navigating TikTok Fame and Challenges

Achieving fame on TikTok can be an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and obstacles. Lauren Budd, like many other TikTok stars, has faced criticism and negative comments from both users and anonymous trolls. However, she has remained resilient and has built a supportive community on the platform.

Managing viral fame brings its own set of difficulties. With the rise of social media, individuals are constantly under scrutiny, and the pressure to maintain a perfect image can be overwhelming. Lauren Budd has had to deal with hateful remarks regarding her appearance, which have led to personal insecurities. However, she has persevered and used her platform to create a positive impact.

One of the biggest challenges of TikTok fame is the constant pressure to consistently produce engaging and viral content. The platform’s algorithm is ever-changing, and keeping up with the trends and staying relevant can be a demanding task. It requires creativity, dedication, and the ability to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the online world.

The Power of Resilience

“I’ve learned to develop a thick skin and focus on the positive aspects of my TikTok journey. Building a community of supportive and like-minded individuals has been crucial for me. Together, we navigate the challenges and uplift each other,” says Lauren Budd.

Despite the challenges, Lauren has managed to create a space where she feels comfortable expressing herself and connecting with her audience. She has learned to handle criticism and turn it into an opportunity for growth. By focusing on the positive aspects of her journey and surrounding herself with a supportive community, she has been able to navigate the ups and downs of TikTok fame.

As a role model for aspiring TikTok creators, Lauren Budd encourages them to embrace their authenticity and stay true to themselves. She advises young creators to prioritize their mental health and well-being above everything else. Actively managing viral fame is essential to ensure a sustainable and fulfilling career on TikTok.

challenges of tiktok fame

By acknowledging the challenges and understanding the importance of self-care, Lauren Budd sets an example for others on how to thrive in the world of social media while staying grounded.

The Impact of TikTok Fame on Young Creators

The rise of social media platforms like TikTok has revolutionized the way young creators achieve fame. Unlike traditional routes that often require professional support, TikTok allows talented individuals to showcase their skills and gain tremendous popularity in a short period. However, while fame can bring happiness and open doors to exciting opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges and long-term effects on young creators who may not fully comprehend its implications.

The viral fame brought by TikTok can have a profound impact on young individuals, both positive and negative. On the positive side, it can boost their self-esteem, provide validation for their talent, and offer a platform for self-expression and creativity. Additionally, it can open doors to collaborations, brand partnerships, and potential career opportunities, allowing young creators to monetize their content and turn their passion into a profession.

However, the effects of viral fame can also be overwhelming, especially for young individuals who may lack the emotional maturity and guidance to navigate the ups and downs. The sudden attention and scrutiny can lead to mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. Furthermore, the constant pressure to maintain the same level of success, keep up with trends, and deal with online hate can take a toll on their well-being.

It is crucial for adults, whether parents, guardians, or mentors, to play an active role in supporting and guiding young creators through their TikTok fame journey. They must provide them with emotional support, help them develop coping mechanisms for dealing with negativity, and educate them on handling the challenges that come with fame. By fostering a healthy balance between their online presence and personal life, young creators can have a fulfilling and sustainable career in the digital world.

In conclusion, while TikTok fame can provide incredible opportunities for young creators, it is essential to recognize and address the potential impact it can have on their well-being. With the right support system and guidance, talented individuals can leverage the power of TikTok to build a successful and fulfilling career without compromising their mental health and overall happiness.

impact of tiktok fame

Positive Effects Negative Effects
Boost in self-esteem Mental health issues
Validation of talent Constant pressure to maintain success
Opportunities for collaboration and brand partnerships Dealing with online hate and scrutiny
Monetization of content Lack of emotional maturity and guidance

Building a Career on TikTok

Lauren Budd, alongside her TikTok partner, has successfully built a thriving career on the platform. Through their dedication and creativity, they have found ways to monetize their TikTok content and engage with their fans.

One of the key elements of building a career on TikTok is consistently creating and posting content. Lauren and her partner understand the importance of staying active and relevant in order to maintain and grow their audience. They work diligently to develop new and exciting ideas that resonate with their viewers.

Interacting with fans through live broadcasts is another essential aspect of their TikTok journey. By hosting live sessions, they are able to connect with their followers on a more personal level, building a sense of community and loyalty.

Furthermore, Lauren Budd and her partner have seized financial opportunities through brand partnerships. As their TikTok following grew, they caught the attention of brands looking to reach their target audience. This has allowed them to monetize their content and generate income.

Taking TikTok Seriously

Building a successful career on TikTok requires dedication and treating it as a serious platform. Lauren and her partner understand that in order to succeed, they need to invest significant time and effort into their TikTok presence. They continuously evaluate their content, analyze the performance of different types of videos, and adapt their strategies accordingly.

They are not afraid to take risks and try new things. This willingness to experiment and innovate has helped them stay ahead of the competition and keep their audience engaged.

Continued Growth and Future Opportunities

As Lauren Budd and her partner continue to build their careers on TikTok, they are constantly looking for opportunities for growth and expansion. They are open to collaborations with other TikTok creators, which not only allows them to reach new audiences but also sparks creativity and fresh ideas.

Additionally, they have their eyes set on exploring other platforms and diversifying their digital presence. By expanding to platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, they can further showcase their talents and connect with a wider range of followers.

building a career on tiktok

Building a career on TikTok is not just about gaining popularity; it’s about leveraging that popularity to create long-term success. Through consistent content creation, engaging with fans, and exploring new opportunities, Lauren Budd and her partner have demonstrated that TikTok can be a launching pad for a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Lauren Budd’s YouTube Journey

In addition to her TikTok success, Lauren Budd also maintains a presence on YouTube, where she regularly uploads videos to her channel. This allows her to offer additional content for her fans and provide a more personal glimpse into her life.

Lauren’s YouTube channel showcases a variety of content, including challenges, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes footage. It serves as a platform for her to connect with her audience on a deeper level and share a different side of her personality.

Through her YouTube videos, Lauren provides her fans with more in-depth content, revealing her interests, opinions, and experiences. This creates a sense of authenticity and allows her audience to feel more connected to her as a creator.

With her engaging content and vibrant personality, Lauren Budd continues to captivate audiences not only on TikTok but also on YouTube. Her ability to connect with her fans across multiple platforms demonstrates her versatility as a digital influencer.

lauren budd youtube channel

Overall, Lauren’s presence on YouTube adds another dimension to her online persona, allowing her fans to engage with her content in different ways. By expanding her reach beyond TikTok, Lauren continues to build her personal brand and strengthen her connection with her dedicated fanbase.

Lauren Budd’s Fan Support and Collaborations

Lauren Budd has garnered a strong and devoted fanbase across TikTok and various social media platforms. Her engaging content and vibrant personality have captivated fans, who show their unwavering support through positive comments and active engagement.

But Lauren’s popularity doesn’t stop there. She actively collaborates with other TikTok stars, creating captivating duets and joining in on the latest trends. These collaborations not only help Lauren expand her reach but also allow her to connect with a wider audience, introducing her talent to new viewers.

“Collaborations with other creators have provided me with incredible opportunities to showcase my creativity and connect with like-minded individuals,” says Lauren Budd.

By collaborating with other TikTok stars, Lauren Budd continues to build her online presence and elevate her content to new heights. These partnerships not only enhance the quality of her videos but also create a sense of community within the TikTok ecosystem.

Fan Support and Collaborations Table:

Benefits of Fan Support Collaborations with TikTok Stars
  • Boosts engagement on Lauren’s content
  • Creates a positive and supportive environment
  • Encourages Lauren to create more content for her fans
  • Expands reach and exposure
  • Introduces Lauren to new audiences
  • Fosters creativity and inspiration

lauren budd fanbase and collaborations

Lauren Budd’s fanbase and collaborations have played a significant role in her continued success on TikTok. The support and enthusiasm from her fans fuel her passion for creating engaging content, while her collaborations with other TikTok stars broaden her horizons and allow her to explore exciting new avenues. In the ever-growing world of TikTok, Lauren Budd continues to build her brand, delighting fans with her infectious energy and undeniable talent.

Lauren Budd’s Personal Life

While Lauren Budd is known for her online presence, she also leads a fulfilling personal life. Although specific details are scarce, Lauren has shared glimpses of her hobbies and interests through her content. She balances her online career with her personal life, using her platform to create content that resonates with her audience.

“I love spending time with loved ones and exploring new places. Traveling is a passion of mine, and I enjoy documenting my adventures through photography and videography.”

Lauren’s passion for travel is evident in her engaging videos, where she showcases breathtaking landscapes and shares her experiences with her followers. She immerses herself in local cultures, trying new cuisines and capturing the essence of each destination.

In addition to her love for travel, Lauren is an avid reader and enjoys getting lost in the pages of a good book. She often recommends her favorite reads to her audience, sparking meaningful conversations and sharing her thoughts on various literary works.

Lauren’s Interests and Hobbies

Hobbies Interests
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Reading
  • Exploring new cultures
  • Literature
  • Fashion
  • Self-improvement

Lauren’s diverse range of interests and hobbies allows her to connect with her audience on a deeper level. She uses her personal experiences and passions as inspiration for her content, providing a genuine and relatable touch to her online persona.

Lauren Budd Personal Life

Through her dedication to both her online career and personal life, Lauren Budd continues to captivate her audience with her authenticity and relatability. Her hobbies and interests bring a unique dimension to her content, making her an influential figure both on and off the screen.

The Future of Lauren Budd’s Career

As Lauren Budd continues to expand her online presence, her fans are eagerly awaiting her future plans and ambitions. With her dedication and creativity evident in her content, it is clear that Lauren is driven to excel in her digital career. While specific details of her upcoming endeavors are yet to be revealed, there are several possibilities that lie ahead:

Further Collaborations

Lauren Budd may explore collaborations with other talented creators in the digital sphere. By joining forces with like-minded individuals, she can combine their unique talents and expand her reach to new audiences. Collaborations could involve joint projects, content swaps, or even creating a digital community that supports and uplifts each other.

Expanding into Other Platforms

In addition to her success on TikTok and YouTube, Lauren may explore new platforms to widen her digital presence. By branching out into platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, she can engage with a broader range of viewers and cultivate an even stronger online following. Each platform offers its own unique features and audience demographics, allowing Lauren to diversify her content and connect with different communities.

Pursuing New Opportunities

As Lauren’s influence continues to grow, she may be presented with exciting opportunities in various areas of the digital industry. This could include hosting events, becoming a brand ambassador, or partnering with major companies. By leveraging her platform, Lauren has the potential to explore new avenues that align with her personal interests and passions.

Overall, the future of Lauren Budd’s career is bright and full of potential. With her talent, dedication, and strategic vision, she is well-positioned to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and achieve her ambitions.

lauren budd future plans

Connecting with Lauren Budd

To stay updated on Lauren Budd’s journey and connect with her, fans can follow her on TikTok, where she goes by @Blackladder. On TikTok, Lauren shares her engaging and entertaining videos, showcasing her unique talent and creativity. By following her account, fans can enjoy her latest content and be part of her growing community.

In addition to TikTok, Lauren Budd maintains an active presence on YouTube, where she provides more in-depth insights into her life and interests. Fans can subscribe to her YouTube channel, allowing them to access exclusive vlogs, challenges, and behind-the-scenes footage. Through her YouTube content, Lauren offers a personal glimpse into her world, further connecting with her fans.

By engaging with Lauren Budd’s online accounts, fans have the opportunity to show their support for her creative endeavors. They can like, comment, and share her videos, helping to boost her presence on social media platforms. Whether it’s a funny TikTok dance or a heartfelt YouTube vlog, interacting with her content allows fans to express their appreciation and be an active part of her journey.


How old is Lauren Budd?

Lauren Budd is 22 years old.

When was Lauren Budd born?

Lauren Budd was born on August 29, 2001.

What is Lauren Budd’s height and weight?

Lauren Budd stands at a height of 5’6″ (167 cm) and weighs approximately 123 lbs (56 kg).

What are Lauren Budd’s body measurements?

Lauren Budd’s body measurements are 33-24-33, and she has a natural C cup size.

What is the color of Lauren Budd’s hair and eyes?

Lauren Budd has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Does Lauren Budd have any piercings?

Yes, Lauren Budd has a navel piercing.

Where is Lauren Budd from?

Lauren Budd is from Fleet in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Who did Lauren Budd date?

Lauren Budd previously dated comedian David Walliams and footballer John Carew.

How did Lauren Budd find fame?

Lauren Budd found fame on TikTok, where she goes by the username “@Blackladder.”

What type of content does Lauren Budd create on TikTok?

Lauren Budd focuses on creating entertaining and relatable content on TikTok.

How does Lauren Budd handle criticism on TikTok?

Lauren Budd remains resilient and has built a supportive community on the platform to counteract hate comments.

What social media platforms does Lauren Budd use?

Lauren Budd is active on TikTok and YouTube.

Does Lauren Budd have a YouTube channel?

Yes, Lauren Budd maintains an active YouTube channel.

Does Lauren Budd collaborate with other TikTok stars?

Yes, Lauren Budd collaborates with other TikTok stars through duets and participating in trends.

What does Lauren Budd share about her personal life?

While specific details are scarce, Lauren Budd shares glimpses of her hobbies and interests through her content.

What are Lauren Budd’s future plans?

Lauren Budd’s future plans remain unknown, but she continues to show dedication and creativity in her content.

How can I connect with Lauren Budd?

You can follow Lauren Budd on TikTok (username: “@Blackladder”) and on YouTube to stay updated and show support for her creative endeavors.

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