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Have you ever wondered about the details of Dorit Kemsley’s physical attributes? Well, we have got you covered. In this article, we will delve into Dorit Kemsley’s height, weight, and age, giving you a closer look at this popular reality TV personality. Read on to discover more about Dorit Kemsley’s fascinating life and career!

Dorit Kemsley height weight age

Key Takeaways:

  • Dorit Kemsley stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).
  • She weighs approximately 117 pounds (53 kg).
  • As of 2021, Dorit Kemsley is 47 years old.

Early Life and Education

Dorit Kemsley was born in Woodbridge, Connecticut to Jewish parents. Her father, Shalom Lemel, is Israeli, and her mother, Rachel, was born in Morocco.

She attended Amity Regional High School, where she excelled academically and developed a passion for creativity and design. After graduating from high school, Dorit’s thirst for knowledge and her commitment to personal growth led her to pursue higher education.

Dorit Kemsley enrolled in Quinnipiac University, where she dedicated herself to studying marketing, design, and communication. She embraced the rigorous curriculum, immersing herself in various courses that equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the fashion industry.

Throughout her education, Dorit Kemsley demonstrated a remarkable talent for blending artistry and business acumen. She recognized the power of combining her creative vision with a strategic approach, setting the foundation for her future success.

Her educational journey not only provided her with a solid academic background but also exposed her to the diverse perspectives and cultures that would shape her unique sense of style and aesthetic.

International Influence on Dorit’s Education

During her time at Quinnipiac University, Dorit Kemsley took advantage of various international programs and opportunities. She sought to enrich her understanding of global fashion trends and gain exposure to different cultures.

One of the most significant experiences in Dorit’s educational journey was her time spent studying abroad in Italy. Immersed in a country renowned for its rich history and intricate fashion heritage, Dorit was exposed to the timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship that would later inspire her designs.

It was in Italy that Dorit Kemsley had the opportunity to work for a global swimwear company. This firsthand experience in the fashion industry solidified her passion for design and propelled her towards establishing her own successful swimwear brand, Beverly Beach.

Dorit Kemsley’s international education and work experience not only provided her with invaluable knowledge and skills but also broadened her perspective and refined her creative vision.


Dorit Kemsley has had a remarkable career as a notable fashion designer and television personality. However, she is most renowned for her captivating presence as a main cast member on the popular reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since joining the show in 2016, she has graced our screens for seven seasons, captivating audiences with her unique style, charisma, and eventful relationships.

In addition to her television success, Dorit Kemsley made a significant mark in the fashion industry by founding her own swimwear brand called Beverly Beach by Dorit in 2017. With her meticulous eye for design and passion for all things fashion, she has created a stunning collection of swimwear that appeals to women from all walks of life.

Here’s a glimpse of some of Dorit Kemsley’s memorable moments on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

  1. Her bold fashion choices, which often set trends and captivate the media’s attention
  2. Her dynamic relationships and interactions with her fellow cast members
  3. Her involvement in various luxury events and social gatherings
  4. Her entrepreneurial endeavors, including the launch of her swimwear brand

Dorit Kemsley’s career on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has catapulted her into the spotlight, making her a beloved figure in the world of reality TV and fashion. Her charm, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit have inspired many, solidifying her position as a prominent name in the entertainment industry.


“Dorit Kemsley brings a captivating energy to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the fashion world. Her vibrant personality and fearless fashion sense make her a standout among the cast members. But what truly sets her apart is her drive to succeed and her commitment to making her dreams a reality. Dorit continues to inspire and empower women around the world with her unmatched determination and impeccable sense of style.” – CelebFashionMag

Accomplishments Year
Joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2016
Founded Beverly Beach by Dorit 2017
Appeared for seven seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ongoing

Dorit Kemsley career image

Stay tuned for the next section, where we delve into Dorit Kemsley’s impressive net worth.

Net Worth

Dorit Kemsley has achieved remarkable success throughout her career, resulting in an estimated net worth of approximately $60 million USD. Her wealth stems from various sources, including her appearances on the hit reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her fashion brand, and her ventures in other business realms.

As a main cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit has garnered significant attention and recognition, contributing to the growth of her net worth. The show provides a platform for Dorit to showcase her glamorous lifestyle, unique fashion sense, and captivating personality, which has resonated with viewers.

Furthermore, Dorit Kemsley’s entrepreneurial endeavors have played a crucial role in her financial success. In 2017, she established her own swimwear brand, Beverly Beach by Dorit, which has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Through her brand, Dorit has capitalized on her expertise in design and fashion, further elevating her net worth.

Aside from her appearances on the show and her fashion brand, Dorit Kemsley has ventured into other business opportunities, which have contributed to her impressive net worth. While her precise investments and ventures may not be publicly disclosed, her entrepreneurial spirit and shrewd business decisions have undoubtedly played a role in her financial achievements.

Source of Wealth Contribution to Net Worth
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Significant
Beverly Beach by Dorit Substantial
Other Business Ventures Notable

In summary, Dorit Kemsley’s estimated net worth of $60 million USD showcases the financial success she has achieved through her appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her fashion brand, and her other business ventures. Her talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled her to build an impressive empire and establish herself as a prominent figure in the world of reality TV and fashion.

Dorit Kemsley net worth

The influence of Dorit’s early career in Italy is evident in her designs, which exude a unique blend of elegance, sophistication, and an international flair. Her swimwear line beautifully captures the essence of luxury, with stylish and contemporary pieces that have captivated the fashion industry and garnered a devoted following.

Creating a Brand

“Italy provided me with the inspiration and knowledge that I needed to bring my vision to life. It was a pivotal time in my career, where I discovered my love for swimwear design and the desire to create my own brand. The experience in Italy gave me the confidence and expertise to embark on this exciting journey.”

Dorit’s early career in Italy laid the groundwork for her success as a fashion entrepreneur. Her passion, dedication, and distinctive sense of style are evident in every aspect of her brand, from the design process to the final product. Through her swimwear line, Dorit continues to make waves in the fashion industry, solidifying her position as a renowned designer and influencer.

Television Appearances

Aside from her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley has also made notable television appearances on various shows, showcasing her versatility and charm.

  • Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Dorit made a guest appearance on this popular real estate reality show, where she displayed her keen eye for luxury properties and her ability to negotiate deals with poise.
  • The Talk: Dorit participated as a guest on this daytime talk show, engaging in lively discussions on trending topics and sharing her insights and experiences with the audience.
  • Strahan & Sara: Dorit was invited as a guest on this popular talk show, where she showcased her vibrant personality and shared stories from her life as a successful fashion designer and reality TV star.

These appearances have allowed Dorit Kemsley to expand her fan base and connect with a wider audience, further solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

Dorit Kemsley television appearances

Philanthropy and Charitable Work

Dorit Kemsley is not only a successful fashion designer and television personality, but she is also deeply committed to making a positive impact in the world through her philanthropic endeavors. She has actively participated in various charitable activities and has used her platform and influence to raise awareness and support for several causes.

One of the organizations that Dorit Kemsley has collaborated with is Safe Kids, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Through her involvement, she has helped promote child safety and raise funds to implement safety programs and initiatives that protect children from preventable accidents.

In addition to her work with Safe Kids, Dorit Kemsley has supported and contributed to several other charitable causes, including those related to education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. She believes in using her position to drive positive change and believes that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a significant difference.

“I have been incredibly fortunate in my life, and I believe it’s important to give back and support those who are in need. I am passionate about making a difference and using my platform to bring attention to important causes. Every little effort counts, and together, we can create a better world,”

– Dorit Kemsley

In recognition of her philanthropic efforts, Dorit Kemsley has received accolades and appreciation from various organizations and communities. Her commitment to charitable work goes beyond just writing a check; she actively participates in events and initiatives, lending her voice and resources to create a lasting impact.

Dorit Kemsley philanthropy

Charitable Organization Cause Description
Safe Kids Child Safety Dorit Kemsley supports Safe Kids to promote child safety and reduce preventable injuries in children.
The Trevor Project LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health Dorit Kemsley advocates for mental health support and acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth through her association with The Trevor Project.
No Kid Hungry Child Hunger Dorit Kemsley works towards ending child hunger by supporting No Kid Hungry, an organization committed to providing nutritious meals to children in need.
Environmental Defense Fund Environmental Conservation Dorit Kemsley promotes environmental conservation and sustainability by partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund.

Personal Interests

In her free time, Dorit Kemsley indulges in a variety of personal interests that reflect her vibrant personality and passion for life. From exploring her culinary skills to staying updated with the latest fashion trends, Dorit’s diverse range of interests keeps her engaged and fulfilled.

One of Dorit’s favorite pastimes is cooking. She enjoys experimenting with flavors and creating delicious meals for her family and friends. Whether it’s trying out new recipes or putting her own twist on traditional dishes, Dorit finds joy in the culinary arts.

As a fashion enthusiast, Dorit has an impeccable sense of style. She is known for her glamorous and trendy outfits, always pushing the boundaries of fashion. With an eye for detail and a penchant for unique designs, Dorit’s personal style captivates the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Furthermore, Dorit’s passion for fashion extends beyond wearing stylish clothes. She has also tried her hand at modeling, effortlessly showcasing various fashion looks with confidence and grace.

Aside from her culinary and fashion interests, Dorit Kemsley finds solace and inspiration in music. Whether it’s listening to her favorite tunes while jogging or attending live concerts, music is an integral part of her life.

Dorit Kemsley with a vibrant and stylish outfit


“Cooking, fashion, and music bring a whole new level of joy into my life. They are outlets for self-expression and creativity, allowing me to explore different facets of my personality. I believe that pursuing our passions is what makes life truly fulfilling.” – Dorit Kemsley

Favorite Things

Favorite Actor Favorite Actress Favorite Cuisine
Robert Downey Jr. Jennifer Lawrence Italian

Favorite Things

In addition to her successful career and charitable work, Dorit Kemsley has a few favorite things that bring her joy. Let’s take a look at some of her preferences:

Favorite Actor: Robert Downey Jr.

One of Dorit Kemsley’s favorite actors is the talented Robert Downey Jr. Known for his charismatic performances in films like the Iron Man series and Sherlock Holmes, Downey Jr.’s versatile acting skills have won the hearts of many, including Dorit.

Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Dorit Kemsley also admires actress Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence’s captivating performances in movies such as Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games have garnered critical acclaim and a massive fan following. Dorit is among the many who appreciate Lawrence’s talent and on-screen presence.

Favorite Cuisine: Italian

When it comes to food, Dorit Kemsley has a fondness for Italian cuisine. The rich flavors, aromatic herbs, and indulgent pasta dishes make Italian food a true delight for her taste buds. Whether it’s a hearty plate of pasta or a slice of authentic pizza, Dorit enjoys savoring the flavors of Italy.

Favorite Travel Destination: Italy

Italy holds a special place in Dorit’s heart, not just for its cuisine but also as one of her favorite travel destinations. The country’s rich history, stunning architecture, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant culture make it an ideal place for exploration and relaxation. Dorit finds joy in immersing herself in the beauty and allure of Italy.

Dorit Kemsley favorite things

As Dorit Kemsley continues to shine in her professional endeavors, she finds pleasure in these favorite things, adding a touch of happiness and inspiration to her life.


Dorit Kemsley, the multi-talented fashion designer and television personality, has undoubtedly left her mark in the entertainment industry. With her early career in Italy, where her passion for fashion flourished, to her current role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit has captivated audiences with her unique style and captivating personality.

Not only is Dorit a successful entrepreneur, but she also uses her platform to make a positive impact. Through her philanthropic work and dedication to various causes, she exemplifies the importance of giving back.

With her remarkable sense of style and unwavering determination, it’s no wonder that Dorit Kemsley continues to be a prominent figure in the world of reality TV. Her extraordinary journey, coupled with her remarkable achievements, solidify her status as a true trailblazer.


Q: How tall is Dorit Kemsley?

A: Dorit Kemsley stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Q: What is Dorit Kemsley’s weight?

A: Dorit Kemsley weighs approximately 117 pounds (53 kg).

Q: How old is Dorit Kemsley?

A: Dorit Kemsley was born on July 14, 1976, making her 47 years old.

Q: Where was Dorit Kemsley born?

A: Dorit Kemsley was born in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

Q: What is Dorit Kemsley’s educational background?

A: Dorit Kemsley attended Amity Regional High School and graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in marketing, design, and communication.

Q: What is Dorit Kemsley’s career?

A: Dorit Kemsley is a successful fashion designer and television personality. She is best known for her role as a main cast member on the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and for founding her own swimwear brand, Beverly Beach by Dorit.

Q: Who is Dorit Kemsley’s husband?

A: Dorit Kemsley is married to Paul Kemsley, a businessman.

Q: How many children does Dorit Kemsley have?

A: Dorit Kemsley has two children with her husband, Paul Kemsley.

Q: What is Dorit Kemsley’s net worth?

A: Dorit Kemsley’s estimated net worth is $60 million USD approximately.

Q: Where did Dorit Kemsley work before starting her own swimwear line?

A: After completing her education, Dorit Kemsley worked for a global swimwear company in Italy for 10 years.

Q: What other television shows has Dorit Kemsley appeared on?

A: Dorit Kemsley has made guest appearances on shows like Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and has been a guest on talk shows such as The Talk and Strahan & Sara.

Q: What charitable work is Dorit Kemsley involved in?

A: Dorit Kemsley has worked with organizations like Safe Kids and uses her platform to raise awareness and support for various causes.

Q: What are Dorit Kemsley’s personal interests?

A: In her free time, Dorit Kemsley enjoys cooking, modeling, and listening to music. She also has a keen interest in fashion.

Q: Who are Dorit Kemsley’s favorite actors and actresses?

A: Dorit Kemsley’s favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr., and her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

Q: What is one of Dorit Kemsley’s favorite travel destinations?

A: Italy is one of Dorit Kemsley’s favorite travel destinations.

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