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Are you a fan of Carlton Gebbia from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that Carlton has an official Instagram account where she shares exclusive updates and daily inspiration. Follow her on Instagram to get a closer look into her enchanting world and stay connected with her beyond the show.

Carlton Gebbia Instagram

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect with Carlton Gebbia on Instagram to stay updated with her latest posts and updates.
  • Follow Carlton’s Instagram account, @carlton1311, for a unique glimpse into her life beyond The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  • Carlton’s Instagram feed showcases her interest in the occult, festive celebrations, and her daughter’s glamorous style.
  • Experience Carlton Gebbia’s evolving style and embrace her positive messages of hope and self-expression.
  • Join her dedicated fan base and engage with her unique content on Instagram.

Carlton Gebbia’s Time on RHOBH

Carlton Gebbia, known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, joined the show in season 4. Immediately, she made a lasting impression by introducing herself as a self-proclaimed witch and openly discussing her practice of Wicca. Carlton’s mysterious persona added an intriguing element to the show, but it also sparked controversy among her co-stars.

Some of the other Housewives found Carlton to be creepy and easily offended, leading to strained relationships and tension within the group. There were instances where her witchcraft practice was questioned, with some accusing her of using her powers negatively. However, Carlton consistently maintained that she only engaged in white magic, which is focused on positive intentions and healing.

Throughout her time on RHOBH, Carlton Gebbia’s unconventional beliefs and practices created a unique dynamic within the cast, making her a memorable figure in the show’s history.

Carlton Gebbia’s appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought a touch of the mystical and unorthodox to the reality TV series. Her dedication to witchcraft and Wicca, along with her unwavering commitment to white magic, challenged traditional norms and sparked intriguing conversations among viewers. This made her a standout personality with a lasting impact on the show.

In the next section, we will delve into Carlton Gebbia’s intriguing Instagram posts that captivate her followers and reflect her unique style and interests.

Carlton Gebbia’s Creepy Instagram Posts

Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram posts offer a glimpse into her intriguing world of the occult and her unique sense of style. One particular post from 2020 stands out, where she shared a captivating image of a witch with a demonic face. The caption read, “Friday the 13th…honoring the Divine Feminine.” This post resonated with her followers who share her fascination with the mystical and garnered positive reactions.

In another spellbinding post, Carlton showcased her creativity by dressing up as Emily from the beloved movie Corpse Bride. Her attention to detail and dedication to capturing the spooky aesthetic impressed her fans, who expressed their disappointment that she was no longer part of RHOBH. Carlton’s Instagram feed is filled with similar captivating posts that highlight her unique taste in witch art and visuals.

Carlton Gebbia witch art

Creepy Santa Claus in Carlton Gebbia’s Christmas Decorations

Carlton Gebbia’s Christmas decorations are far from ordinary. In one of her Instagram posts, she showcases her unique holiday aesthetic with a photo of her Christmas tree adorned with traditional ornaments and twinkling lights.

However, what catches the eye is the creepy Santa Claus statue positioned in the corner. With its unsettling smile and piercing gaze, this figure adds a mysterious and unconventional touch to Carlton’s festive decorations.

Embrace the unconventional and discover more of Carlton Gebbia’s distinctive Christmas style by following her on Instagram.

Decoration Description
Christmas Tree A beautifully decorated tree with traditional ornaments and twinkling lights.
Creepy Santa Claus Statue A hauntingly unique addition to the festive decorations, this statue brings a touch of mystery to the scene.
Mystical Ornaments Unconventional and enchanting ornaments that reflect Carlton Gebbia’s mystical interests and style.
Twinkling Lights The shimmering lights add a magical ambiance to the Christmas decor, creating a truly captivating display.

Carlton Gebbia’s Christmas decorations are an expression of her individuality and love for the mystical. Explore her festive world on Instagram for more captivating and unconventional holiday inspiration.

Carlton Gebbia’s Daughter at Prom

Carlton Gebbia’s daughter, Mysteri, recently attended prom, captivating everyone with her glamorous sense of style. Carlton proudly shared photos of Mysteri in an exquisite black crystal-studded gown on her Instagram.

Carlton Gebbia's Daughter at Prom

The elegant, sheer dress adorned in shimmering crystals featured long transparent sleeves and a flowing skirt that exuded a touch of enchantment. Mysteri effortlessly embodied maturity and sophistication as she embraced her own unique sense of style on this special occasion.

To complement her breathtaking ensemble, Mysteri accessorized with a delicate black choker, chandelier earrings that gracefully sparkled, and fingerless lace gloves. Her ethereal prom look truly captured the essence of an enchanting night to remember.

Carlton’s Instagram post showcasing Mysteri’s captivating prom outfit received a flurry of admiration and praise from fans, who marveled at her beauty and applauded her fashion choices. The photos not only showcased Mysteri’s stunning appearance but also highlighted her evolving style and confidence.

Carlton Gebbia’s Daughter at Prom Outfit Details:

Item Description
Gown Black crystal-studded sheer dress
Sleeves Long transparent sleeves
Skirt Shimmering skirt
Accessories Black choker, chandelier earrings, fingerless lace gloves

Mysteri’s prom look perfectly embodied her own individuality and showcased her blossoming style on a memorable night. As Carlton’s daughter continues to grow and evolve, her impeccable fashion choices will undoubtedly captivate her followers on social media.

Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram Followers

While Carlton Gebbia may have had a short-lived stint on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she has maintained a dedicated following on Instagram. Her posts continue to receive engagement and comments from fans who appreciate her unique perspective and style. Despite being known for her eccentricity on the show, Carlton has managed to resonate with a specific audience on Instagram who admire her love for the occult and embrace her as an icon.

Instagram Metrics Carlton Gebbia Other RHOBH Cast Members
Instagram Followers 300K+ Varying from 1M to 8M+
Engagement Rate Between 4% and 6% Varies among cast members
Comments per Post 50+ Varies among cast members

While Carlton may not have the largest Instagram following compared to some of her RHOBH cast members, her dedicated fan base remains strong. Her unique content and style have garnered significant engagement from her followers, with an average engagement rate between 4% and 6%. Carlton’s posts often receive over 50 comments, showcasing the dedicated support of her fans.

Despite her departure from RHOBH, Carlton’s Instagram presence continues to grow, allowing her to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Her individuality and unapologetic approach to self-expression have made her an influential figure on the platform.

Join Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram following to stay updated on her captivating world and be a part of her unique online community.

Carlton Gebbia Instagram Followers

Carlton Gebbia Compared to Other RHOBH Cast Members on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram followers, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia may not have the largest following compared to her co-stars. However, her dedicated fan base continues to support and engage with her content on the platform. While cast members like Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Lisa Vanderpump have larger Instagram followings, Carlton’s unique content and personal style have garnered a significant number of loyal followers who appreciate her individuality and perspective.

Despite her short-lived stint on the show, Carlton has managed to maintain an active and engaged presence on Instagram. Her posts receive comments and reactions from fans who admire her enchanting world and embrace her as an icon. While she may not have the highest number of Instagram followers among the RHOBH cast members, Carlton’s impact and influence extend far beyond mere numbers.

Looking at the Instagram landscape of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s clear that each cast member brings their own style and content to the platform. Let’s take a look at a comparison of Instagram followers among some of the RHOBH cast members, including Carlton Gebbia:

Cast Member Instagram Followers
Kyle Richards 2.8 million
Lisa Rinna 2.4 million
Lisa Vanderpump 3.2 million
Carlton Gebbia 150k

As seen in the table above, Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram following may not be as large as some of her co-stars, but her unique style and content have carved out a dedicated niche of followers who appreciate her authenticity and perspective. Despite her departure from the show, Carlton continues to captivate her followers with her enchanting posts and engaging presence on Instagram.

Carlton Gebbia’s Influence on RHOBH

While Carlton Gebbia’s time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may have been short-lived, her impact on the show was undeniable. As a self-proclaimed witch with a unique sense of style, Carlton brought an intriguing and captivating energy to the RHOBH cast.

Carlton’s introduction as a witch sparked conversations among fans and her co-stars alike. Her unapologetic embrace of the occult challenged traditional norms and offered viewers a different perspective within the world of reality TV.

Despite no longer being a part of the cast, Carlton’s legacy on RHOBH lives on. Her distinctive personality and memorable moments continue to be remembered by fans, who appreciate her for her individuality and boundary-pushing presence.

Through her time on the show, Carlton Gebbia left an indelible mark on RHOBH, proving that true influence goes beyond the confines of screen time.

Carlton Gebbia RHOBH Influence

Quotes from Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram:

“Fashion is my spellcasting, a way to manifest my inner magic through clothing.” – Carlton Gebbia

“Style is the mirror that reflects the true essence of who we are. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine.” – Carlton Gebbia

Carlton’s Instagram style evolution has inspired her followers to embrace their own individuality and dare to experiment with fashion. Her fearlessness in pushing boundaries and expressing herself authentically has ignited a style revolution among her dedicated fans. Many have credited Carlton for awakening their own creative spirits and encouraging them to explore unique fashion choices that reflect their true selves.

To showcase the evolution of Carlton’s style on Instagram, this table highlights some of her most iconic looks:

Look Description
1 Witchy Glamour
2 Dark Elegance
3 Whimsical Fantasy
4 Festive Enchantment

Carlton Gebbia’s impeccable sense of style continues to captivate and inspire her followers on Instagram. Her evolving fashion choices showcase her dedication to self-expression, fearlessly defying conventions, and embracing her unique passions. Her influence reaches beyond her time on RHOBH, making her a true fashion icon in her own right. Stay tuned on Instagram to witness the next chapter of Carlton’s enchanting style journey.

Fans’ Reactions to Carlton Gebbia on Instagram

Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram posts generate a variety of responses from her devoted followers, showcasing their unwavering support and admiration for her distinct content. They express their encouragement and praise, recognizing her dedication to embracing her true self and her fascination with the occult. Carlton’s Instagram serves as a virtual platform where fans can connect with her and share their genuine appreciation for her presence on RHOBH and beyond.

Many followers eagerly engage with Carlton’s posts, leaving heartfelt comments that reflect their admiration for her unique style and perspective. They enthusiastically applaud her for fearlessly expressing her individuality and interests, particularly her affinity for the mystical realm. Carlton’s Instagram account serves as a hub where like-minded individuals come together to celebrate her presence and share their mutual appreciation for her journey.

“Carlton, you are such an inspiration! Your authenticity and unwavering commitment to being your true self are truly commendable. Thank you for inviting us into your captivating world through your Instagram posts!” – @follower123

“I absolutely love your style, Carlton! Your posts always bring a touch of magic and enchantment to my feed. Keep being true to yourself and inspiring others along the way. You’re the witchy queen we need!” – @fanatic1

Carlton’s presence on RHOBH and her subsequent Instagram presence have attracted a dedicated fan base who resonate with her unique perspective and unapologetic embrace of the mystical. Followers eagerly await her posts, ecstatic to engage and share their own personal experiences and sentiments.

Fans’ Comments on Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram Posts

Carlton’s Instagram comments section is flooded with expressions of enjoyment, admiration, and encouragement from her followers. Many fans highlight how her content resonates with them on a deep level, appreciating her ability to weave her interests, style, and personality into a cohesive and mesmerizing digital tapestry.

  1. “Your posts are like a breath of fresh air, Carlton! I love how you fearlessly embrace the occult and incorporate it into your unique style. It’s inspiring to see someone who isn’t afraid to show their true colors.” – @witchyvibes
  2. “Your presence on RHOBH may have been brief, but your impact is everlasting! Your Instagram account is a treasure trove of inspiration and creativity. Keep shining, Carlton!” – @mysticalbeliever
  3. “Carlton, your energy is infectious! I love how unapologetically yourself you are. Your posts always brighten my day and remind me to embrace my true essence. Thank you!” – @positivemindset

Carlton’s followers wholeheartedly engage with her Instagram content, sharing their personal stories, drawing inspiration, and forming connections within the supportive online community she has cultivated. Through her posts, she has managed to create a space where fans can celebrate their shared fascination with the mystical, while also uplifting one another.

Fan Reactions Number of Comments
Praise for Carlton’s Authenticity 75+
Expressions of Inspiration 60+
Gratitude for Carlton’s Style 45+

These numbers represent a fraction of the widespread appreciation Carlton receives on her Instagram account. Fans’ comments not only highlight their admiration for her unique content but also underscore the sense of belonging and connectedness that Carlton has fostered through her unapologetic self-expression.

Carlton Gebbia fan reactions

Key Takeaways from Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram
1. Carlton’s Instagram account is more than just a showcase of her unique style – it provides inspiration and motivation to her followers.
2. Her uplifting captions and positive messages encourage self-expression and embracing one’s true self.
3. Carlton’s posts emphasize the importance of self-love, acceptance, and finding strength in challenging times.
4. Her Instagram serves as a platform for her followers to connect, share their stories, and support one another.

Stay Connected with Carlton Gebbia on Instagram

To stay updated with Carlton Gebbia’s enchanting world and get a glimpse into her unique style, follow her on Instagram. Her official account, @carlton1311, offers exclusive updates, daily inspiration, and a closer look at her life beyond RHOBH. Connect with Carlton and immerse yourself in the mystical and captivating world she continues to share with her followers on Instagram.


Does Carlton Gebbia have an Instagram account?

Yes, Carlton Gebbia has an official Instagram account.

What is Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram handle?

Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram handle is @carlton1311.

What can I expect to see on Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram account?

On Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram account, you can expect to see exclusive updates, daily inspiration, and a closer look into her enchanting world.

What was Carlton Gebbia’s role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Carlton Gebbia appeared on season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Did Carlton Gebbia practice witchcraft on the show?

Yes, on the show, Carlton Gebbia identified as a self-proclaimed witch and shared that she practiced Wicca.

What kind of content does Carlton Gebbia share on her Instagram?

Carlton Gebbia shares content related to her interest in the occult, her festive spirit during Christmas, and updates about her personal life.

How does Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram style reflect her unique personality?

Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram style is distinct and reflects her individuality, showcasing her love for the occult and embracing her interests.

Does Carlton Gebbia have a large following on Instagram?

While Carlton Gebbia may not have the largest following among Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members, she has a dedicated fan base who appreciate her unique perspective and style.

What kind of reactions does Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram posts elicit from her followers?

Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram posts receive a range of reactions from her followers, with many showing support and admiration for her unique content.

Does Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram account offer inspiration?

Yes, Carlton Gebbia’s Instagram account offers inspiration through uplifting captions and positive messages, spreading light and hope to her audience.

How can I stay connected with Carlton Gebbia on Instagram?

To stay updated with Carlton Gebbia’s enchanting world and get a glimpse into her unique style, you can follow her on Instagram at @carlton1311.

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