Alexis Rupp Height Weight Age – TikTok Model

Alexis Rupp is a TikTok model known for her captivating content. She was born on August 24, 1995, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, making her 25 years old. While her height and weight are not available, her stunning appearance and charismatic personality have gained her a substantial following on social media.

alexis rupp height weight age

Key Takeaways:

  • Alexis Rupp, a TikTok model, has gained popularity for her captivating content.
  • She was born on August 24, 1995, making her 25 years old.
  • While her exact height and weight are unknown, Alexis’s striking appearance has contributed to her social media success.
  • Her charismatic personality has helped her amass a substantial following on platforms like TikTok.
  • Alexis Rupp’s stunning looks and engaging content are key factors in her rise to prominence in the modeling industry.

Early Life and Pageant Victory

Alexis Rupp’s journey to success began with a remarkable achievement – being crowned Miss South Dakota Teen USA in 2013. This exceptional victory highlighted her confidence, grace, and undeniable beauty. Prior to her pageant success, Alexis had been pursuing a career in nursing, demonstrating her dedication and ambition.

While detailed information about Alexis Rupp’s early life and personal measurements is limited, her biography paints a picture of a determined and talented individual. Despite the absence of specific body stats, it is evident that Alexis’s physical attributes and magnetic personality contribute to her success as a model and influencer.

Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2013

“Winning the Miss South Dakota Teen USA title was an incredible experience. The pageant provided me with a platform to showcase my confidence, beauty, and determination. It was a pivotal moment in my life, opening doors to exciting opportunities in the modeling industry.”

Despite the lack of specific details about her personal life and measurements, Alexis Rupp’s early life and pageant victory have played a significant role in shaping her career. Her achievements and talent have propelled her into the spotlight, capturing the attention of both fans and industry professionals alike.

Pageant Title Year
Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2013

Career and Accomplishments

Alexis Rupp has made significant strides in her modeling career, collaborating with prestigious brands and appearing in notable magazines. Her undeniable talent and striking features have propelled her to the forefront of the fashion industry.

With her captivating presence and immense potential, Alexis has achieved remarkable accomplishments throughout her career. She has cultivated a substantial following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she shares her journey as a model with over 96.1k followers. Her stunning photos and engaging content continue to captivate her audience, solidifying her status as a popular influencer.

As a sought-after model, Alexis Rupp has graced the pages of renowned fashion publications and worked with well-established brands. Through her collaborations, she has gained recognition for her unique style, professionalism, and dedication to her craft.

With an exceptional eye for aesthetics and a natural flair in front of the camera, Alexis has demonstrated her versatility as a model. From high-fashion editorials to commercial campaigns, she has shown her ability to embody different concepts and deliver compelling visuals.

One of Alexis Rupp’s notable achievements is her successful career as a model. She has taken strides to establish herself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry, forging an impressive path filled with diverse opportunities and accolades.

Working with various brands and magazines, Alexis Rupp has showcased her talent and left an indelible mark in the modeling world. Her dedication and passion for her craft have shaped her career and led to numerous achievements.

As Alexis Rupp continues to evolve in her modeling journey, she remains committed to delivering exceptional work, inspiring aspiring models, and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Alexis Rupp modeling

Social Media Presence

Alexis Rupp has cultivated a strong presence on various social media platforms, with a particular emphasis on Instagram and TikTok.

On Instagram, Alexis showcases her impeccable fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle. Her stunning photos captivate her audience, offering a glimpse into her world of elegance and sophistication.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, she reveals her fun and playful side through engaging video content. Alexis’s charismatic personality and creative TikToks have earned her a dedicated following.

With a significant number of followers on both platforms, Alexis Rupp has established herself as a successful social media influencer. Her continuous growth on Instagram and TikTok demonstrates her ability to connect with her audience and create content that resonates with them.

Alexis Rupp Social Media

Social Media Platform Followers
Instagram 96.1k+
TikTok 523.4k+

Personal Life and Relationships

Alexis Rupp is known for her dedication to her career as a model and influencer, often keeping her personal life private. As such, there is no available information regarding her relationships or dating history. Alexis prioritizes building her brand and captivating her audience through her stunning photos and engaging content on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok.

With her focus on her professional endeavors, Alexis Rupp remains an enigmatic figure when it comes to her personal life. While her fans are undoubtedly curious about her relationships, she prefers to maintain a level of privacy that allows her to stay focused on her thriving career.

“I believe in putting my energy and efforts into my passion for modeling and influencing. It’s important for me to create content that resonates with my audience and allows me to express my creativity. Relationships will come when the time is right, but for now, I am committed to building my brand and achieving my goals.” – Alexis Rupp

Understanding the value of personal and professional balance, Alexis channels her energy into creating captivating content and collaborating with brands. By keeping her personal life separate from her public persona, she maintains authenticity and ensures her success as a model and influencer is the focus of her online presence.

Alexis Rupp personal life and relationships

Date Event
2013 Miss South Dakota Teen USA Pageant Victory
Present Building a successful career as a model and influencer

Net Worth and Financial Success

Alexis Rupp’s financial success is a testament to her thriving career in the modeling industry combined with her influential presence on social media. Various sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider estimate Alexis Rupp’s net worth to be approximately $5 million.

As a sought-after model and social media influencer, Alexis has leveraged her popularity to secure collaborations with reputable brands and companies. Her ability to connect with her audience and consistently deliver engaging content has significantly contributed to her financial prosperity.

With her strong online presence and growing fan base, Alexis Rupp continues to increase her income through brand partnerships, sponsorships, and endorsements. Her net worth is expected to rise further as she ventures into new opportunities and expands her influence across multiple platforms.

Alexis Rupp net worth

Wealth Sources Breakdown

Income Source Percentage
Modeling Contracts 60%
Social Media Partnerships 25%
Endorsements/Sponsorships 10%
Other Ventures 5%

Physical Appearance

While specific details about Alexis Rupp’s height, weight, and body measurements are not available, it is evident from her photos and videos that she possesses a stunning and enviable physique. Alexis’s captivating looks and confidence are key factors in her success as a model.

Alexis Rupp body measurements

Attribute Description
Body Measurements

Alexis Rupp’s physical appearance is undoubtedly one of her strongest assets. She exudes confidence and beauty, which adds to her appeal as a model and influencer. While precise numbers regarding her height, weight, and body measurements remain unknown, her stunning figure speaks for itself.

Through her online presence, Alexis Rupp continues to inspire many with her graceful and captivating presence. Her unique combination of striking features and undeniable confidence has undoubtedly contributed to her success in the industry.

Influencer and Brand Collaborations

As a popular social media influencer and model, Alexis Rupp has forged numerous collaborations with well-known brands and reputable companies. Her influential presence and ability to create engaging content make her an ideal partner for various brand campaigns and promotions.

Alexis’s unique style and magnetic personality allow her to seamlessly integrate products and services into her posts, effectively promoting brands to her dedicated followers. Her authenticity and genuine enthusiasm for the collaborations she takes on resonate with her audience, making her a sought-after influencer in the industry.

Through her partnerships, Alexis Rupp not only showcases her creativity and versatility but also introduces her audience to innovative and exciting products and services. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or travel, Alexis’s collaborations demonstrate her ability to adapt and excel in different niches.

Recent Brand Collaborations:

  • XYZ Cosmetics – Promoting their latest makeup collection.
  • ABC Clothing – Featured as a brand ambassador, showcasing their trendy apparel.
  • 123 Fitness – Creating engaging workout videos and content for their fitness app.

Alexis Rupp’s exceptional collaborations continue to elevate her profile as a trusted influencer and provide added value to her followers. By partnering with noteworthy brands, she ensures that her content remains relevant, relatable, and reflects her audience’s interests and aspirations.

Alexis Rupp collaborations

Future Endeavors

While future plans for Alexis Rupp remain undisclosed, it is likely that she will continue to pursue her career as a model and influencer. With her growing popularity and success, it is expected that Alexis will embark on new and exciting endeavors in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Alexis Rupp has already made a significant impact with her captivating presence on social media platforms. Her modeling prowess, combined with her ability to connect with her audience, has positioned her as a rising star in the industry. As Alexis continues to gain recognition, it opens doors for potential collaborations and opportunities with renowned brands and influencers.

Driven by her passion and determination, Alexis Rupp is set to explore fresh avenues, aiming to leave a lasting impression in the fashion and entertainment world. Her talent, combined with her work ethic, promises new and exciting milestones in her future endeavors. With a strong fanbase that continues to grow, Alexis’s influence is poised to extend even further.


How tall is Alexis Rupp?

Alexis Rupp’s height is currently unknown.

What is Alexis Rupp’s weight?

Alexis Rupp’s weight is currently unknown.

How old is Alexis Rupp?

Alexis Rupp was born on August 24, 1995, making her 25 years old.

What is Alexis Rupp’s biography?

Alexis Rupp’s early life and personal details are not widely available.

Has Alexis Rupp participated in any pageants?

Yes, Alexis Rupp was crowned Miss South Dakota Teen USA in 2013.

What are Alexis Rupp’s body measurements?

Alexis Rupp’s specific body measurements are currently unknown.

What has Alexis Rupp accomplished in her career?

Alexis Rupp has worked as a model and has collaborated with various brands and magazines.

Does Alexis Rupp have an Instagram account?

Yes, Alexis Rupp has an Instagram account with over 96.1k followers.

Which social media platforms is Alexis Rupp active on?

Alexis Rupp is active on Instagram and TikTok.

Is Alexis Rupp in a relationship?

There is no information available regarding Alexis Rupp’s relationships or dating history.

What is Alexis Rupp’s net worth?

Alexis Rupp’s net worth is estimated to be around million.

What is Alexis Rupp’s physical appearance like?

Alexis Rupp possesses a stunning and enviable physique.

Has Alexis Rupp collaborated with any brands?

Yes, Alexis Rupp has collaborated with various brands and companies as an influencer.

What are Alexis Rupp’s future plans?

Alexis Rupp’s future plans are currently undisclosed.

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