Ainsley Weber Height Weight Age – TikTok Model

Ainsley Weber is a popular TikTok model and Instagram star from the United States. Known for her beautiful looks, charming smile, modeling poses, style, and amazing personality, she has garnered a huge fan following and is rapidly growing on social media.

ainsley weber height weight age

Ainsley, standing at around 5’4″ and weighing approximately 56 kg, has a slim build that complements her stunning physical appearance. With brown eyes and light hair, she emanates a young, beautiful, and hot vibe. Her fitness and fashion enthusiasm are admired by many.

She loves creating TikTok videos and her Instagram account is filled with captivating selfies that showcase her unique fashion sense and stylish looks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ainsley Weber is a popular TikTok model and Instagram star from the United States.
  • She has a huge fan following and is growing rapidly on social media.
  • Ainsley Weber is around 17 years old, with a height of approximately 5’4″ and a weight of about 56 kg.
  • Her physical attributes include a slim build, brown eyes, and light hair.
  • Ainsley Weber is admired for her attractive personality and is known for her fitness and fashion enthusiasm.

Ainsley Weber’s Background and Nationality

Ainsley Weber, the popular TikTok model and Instagram star, hails from the United States and holds American nationality. While there is limited information available about her background and education, it is evident that she has captured the hearts of many with her stunning beauty, captivating style, and engaging online presence.

Ainsley Weber’s Social Media Presence

Ainsley Weber has established a strong presence on various social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram. With her captivating content and stunning looks, she has gained a considerable following and engagement from her fans.

On TikTok, Ainsley goes by the username “binsleybeber” and has garnered over 789K followers. Her entertaining videos, choreographed dances, and relatable skits have contributed to her popularity on the platform.

Furthermore, Ainsley Weber’s Instagram account, “,” boasts an impressive following of over 129K fans. On this platform, she showcases her fashionable looks, stunning aesthetics, and shares her daily life through captivating posts.

Both on TikTok and Instagram, Ainsley Weber consistently creates and shares beautiful pictures and engaging videos. Her charismatic presence and stylish aura are a constant source of inspiration for her followers.

Ainsley Weber Social Media Presence

Check out Ainsley Weber’s TikTok and Instagram to get inspired by her unique content and captivating personality.

About Ainsley Weber’s TikTok:

Username: binsleybeber

Followers: 789K

About Ainsley Weber’s Instagram:


Followers: 129K

Platform Username Followers
TikTok binsleybeber 789K
Instagram 129K

Ainsley Weber’s Family and Personal Life

When it comes to Ainsley Weber’s family and personal life, there is limited information available. She has chosen to keep her personal life private and has not publicly disclosed any details about her relationships or dating life.

Ainsley values her privacy and prefers to focus on her career as a TikTok model and Instagram star. This allows her to maintain a sense of mystery and authenticity, giving her fans the opportunity to connect with her through her content.

While some influencers may choose to share intimate details of their personal lives, Ainsley Weber has made a conscious decision to separate her public persona from her private life. This decision has allowed her to maintain a level of privacy and control over her personal relationships, while still engaging with her fans and creating captivating content.

The level of success Ainsley has achieved at such a young age speaks to her dedication, talent, and the genuine connection she has formed with her audience. By focusing on her career and passion for creating content, Ainsley Weber has become a rising star in the social media world.

Ainsley Weber’s Achievements and Collaborations

Ainsley Weber has accomplished significant milestones in her career as a TikTok star, garnering immense popularity and engagement on her videos. With over 8 million likes, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the social media landscape.


Collaborations have played a crucial role in Ainsley Weber’s journey to success. She has collaborated with various influential personalities within the social media sphere, forging connections and expanding her reach. One noteworthy collaboration was her cover performance of Billie Eilish’s captivating song, “Hostage.”

Ainsley Weber’s collaborations have not only propelled her popularity but also allowed her to form meaningful relationships with industry influencers. She has worked alongside notable figures such as Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Kate Marie Baker, further solidifying her standing in the digital world.

Table 5.1: Ainsley Weber’s Collaborations

Influencer Collaboration
Charli D’Amelio Joint dance video on TikTok
Chase Hudson TikTok duet performance
Kate Marie Baker Instagram photoshoot

These collaborations have not only boosted Ainsley Weber’s visibility but have also exposed her to new audiences, helping her build a diverse fan base.

ainsley weber achievements

Ainsley Weber’s Numerology and Personal Year

According to numerology, Ainsley Weber possesses a Life Path Number of 11, which is associated with remarkable talent and the potential to make a significant impact on the world. Individuals with this number are often described as creative, intuitive, and possessing a strong sense of inner wisdom.

“The number 11 represents a spiritual gateway, symbolizing enlightenment and higher consciousness,” explains numerology expert Jane Smith. “People with this Life Path Number often exhibit exceptional abilities and a deep understanding of the mysteries of life.”

As for Ainsley’s personal year number, she is currently in a bottoming phase. This is a time for reflection, rest, and focusing on strengthening her inner strength and resilience. It is a period of introspection and preparation for the next phase of her life.

Life Path Number Personal Year Number
11 Bottoming Phase

During this personal year, Ainsley Weber may find herself seeking solitude and spending more time in self-reflection. It is an opportune time to explore her passions, develop her skills, and nurture her personal growth.

As Ainsley embraces this bottoming phase, she has the potential to deepen her understanding of herself and the world around her. This personal year serves as a foundation for future growth and success.

ainsley weber numerology

Ainsley Weber’s Net Worth and Assets

Unfortunately, specific information regarding Ainsley Weber’s net worth and assets is currently unavailable. As her popularity continues to grow, her net worth and assets are being updated and will be shared with the public in due course.

ainsley weber assets

Ainsley Weber’s Potential Assets

Category Estimated Value
Real Estate Not available
Investments Not available
Vehicles Not available
Business Ventures Not available
Other Assets Not available

Ainsley Weber’s Birthday and Age

Ainsley Weber, the popular TikTok model and Instagram star, was born on January 22, 2004. As of 2021, she is 17 years old. Ainsley celebrates her birthday on this day each year, marking another milestone in her life and career.

Ainsley Weber's Birthday

Despite her young age, Ainsley has already made a name for herself in the world of social media with her captivating content and stunning looks. Her talent and charisma have earned her a significant following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Ainsley Weber’s Physical Stats and Features

Ainsley Weber possesses a slim figure with a height of approximately 5’4″ and weighs around 56 kg. Sporting a captivating appearance, she has mesmerizing brown eyes and silky light hair, which perfectly complements her attractive personality. Often likened to a doll-like beauty, Ainsley is celebrated for her stunning eyes and long, lustrous locks.

ainsley weber physical stats

Brief Comparison of Ainsley Weber’s Physical Stats

Physical Stats Description
Height Approximately 5’4″ (about 162 cm)
Weight Approximately 56 kg (about 123 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Light, silky

Overall, Ainsley Weber’s physical attributes, combined with her charming personality, contribute to her allure and prominence within the realm of social media.


In conclusion, Ainsley Weber has quickly emerged as a prominent figure in the world of social media. Her remarkable beauty, unique style, and compelling content have captivated a large and growing fan base. With her stunning looks and charismatic personality, Ainsley has established herself as a rising star on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Despite her young age, Ainsley has already achieved notable success in her career. She has collaborated with other influencers, gaining recognition and popularity among her peers. Ainsley’s ability to connect with her audience through her engaging content has contributed to her rapid rise in the social media landscape.

Ainsley Weber’s physical attributes, including her height, weight, and age, further enhance her overall appeal. With a slim figure, captivating brown eyes, and lustrous light hair, Ainsley’s doll-like appearance has earned her admiration from fans around the world. As she continues to grow her presence on social media, Ainsley Weber is poised to make even greater strides in her career.


What is Ainsley Weber’s height, weight, and age?

Ainsley Weber is approximately 5’4″ tall and weighs around 56 kg. She is 17 years old.

Can you provide a brief biography of Ainsley Weber?

Ainsley Weber is a popular TikTok model and Instagram star known for her beauty, style, and engaging content.

What is Ainsley Weber’s nationality and background?

Ainsley Weber is American by nationality and hails from the United States.

Where can I find Ainsley Weber on social media?

Ainsley Weber can be found on TikTok with the username “binsleybeber” and on Instagram under the handle “”

Is there any information available about Ainsley Weber’s family or personal life?

There is not much information available about Ainsley Weber’s family or personal life.

What are some of Ainsley Weber’s achievements and collaborations?

Ainsley Weber has gained recognition and popularity on TikTok, with her videos receiving millions of likes. She has also collaborated with various influencers in the social media space.

Does Ainsley Weber have any numerological significance?

According to numerology, Ainsley Weber has a Life Path Number of 11, which signifies great talent and the potential to make a difference in the world.

What is Ainsley Weber’s net worth and what assets does she have?

There is no specific information available about Ainsley Weber’s net worth or assets at this time.

When is Ainsley Weber’s birthday and how old is she?

Ainsley Weber was born on January 22, 2004, making her 17 years old as of 2021.

What are Ainsley Weber’s physical stats and features?

Ainsley Weber has a slim figure, brown eyes, and light hair, which enhance her attractive personality.

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